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February 17, 2020 00:48

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How Nick Kullin created a $70,000/month business practically overnight

Dell plans to IPO a company it bought for $612 million and make it worth $1.4 billion; Invented name Duluth (.com) (Duluth Trading) grows its web traffic by 30% with TV ads; Two vendors pair up to keep fraud from repeating; Magento takes precautions after ransomware attack; Bose changed its headphones to satisfy Apple, and […]

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9 Questions to Ask When Building a Mobile App; "Dinners and alcohol and and, just total excess," one said.

A  Company is Worth 1,000 Pictures: How Small Businesses Can Rock Instagram; Three Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever; Parents’ ultimatum: Raise $3M or finish college; How to establish and sustain a great brand; Can You Guess Which Tendency Is Targeted?;f You’ve Got 100 Visitors Per Day to Your Website and You’re Not […]

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Brilliant! Sean Parker: How Hackers Can Disrupt the World of Philanthropy

Apple May Have Curved iPhones by 2018; Google’s artificial-intelligence bot says the purpose of living is ‘to live forever’; A lot of Google guys are meeting untimely deaths; Being busy’ is the ultimate—and most annoying—status symbol in America; Kevin O’Leary: The 10 Secrets to Being the Best Boss You Can Be; Innovation to the Tune […]

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Oscar / GoDaddy Suit Hell For Parking; Sean Parker: Still an Asshole; ESPN Makes $10 Billion a Year & Google Reader Alternatives

PLUS Etsy conference room names …Welcome to the start of a long 4th of July week vacation for some. That in mind, also this morning: 11 Cocktails Inspired by Tech Visionaries; The Uptown Sour, a New York Summer Staple and since you’ll want to catch up on your reading on the beach With Google Reader shutting […]

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