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October 17, 2019 18:32

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What’s In A Name? Things that rhyme with MailChimp: the most confusing ad campaign of 2017 so far

How to Create an Oscar-Worthy Investor Pitch; 4 Marketing Strategies to Sell More to Existing Customers; Marketers Everywhere Are Rethinking Middle America Post-Trump. Inside One Effort to Help Them; Advertising on Streaming TV Devices Is About to Get More Targeted; Salesforce sees increase in deferred revenue; Google Assistant, its AI-based personal helper, rolls out to […]

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Speculator Hand Registers Bombing Suspect’s Restaurant Site; Redirects To trump

How Cutthroat Work Cultures Suck the Life Out of You; Uber Acquires Self-Driving Truck Startup Otto for $680 Million; U.S. Signals Backing for Self-Driving Cars’; Man v machine: ‘Gut feelings’ key to financial trading success; Six Secrets To Building A Billion Dollar Business; Salesforce just stole Oracle’s thunder on the eve of Oracle’s huge annual […]

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How do you keep track of inbound offers on your domain names?

Rewind five years ago and I got about one inbound offer a month, now I get 200+ offers a month and the good old Google Sheet became a less-than-efficient way to keep track of inbounds. I would say that for every 100 offers I get, one is from a qualified buyer that actually wants to buy a […]

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SalesForce Buys The Domain Through

Salesforce has just bought the domain name through According to the owner of the domain name was Baroda Ventures LLC of Beverly Hills, who seemed to own the domain for many years. The live whois records changed yesterday to reflect that bought the domain name which is now registered through brand […]

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