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February 28, 2020 02:53

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Changing of the Guard at Fox & TrueX Opens A Wide Door For Dot TV

“The real killer app in digital is actually TV,” he said at the conference” I’ve predicted it for 15 years: The Direct-to-Domain streaming programming that makes every domain name a broadcast station is here. I envisioned every IP title having its own dotCOM domain making it easy for search and monetization for perpetuity (sort of […]

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What’s in a Company Name? Ideally, Authenticity; How Teens Can Become Millionaires

The ‘So What?’ Factor–What’s In It For THEM? Deleting your browser history could land you 20 years in prison; Are you still marketing like it’s 1999? Trade Deal: Alibaba’s chairman tells U.S. businesses: ‘You can sell almost anything’; Useful Skills to Transition into Startups from a Different Career; What Happens When You Don’t Care; Users […]

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Investor Makes $180 Million on Ebay; Murdock to Buy Parent

Why Everything Is Not About You (And Why That’s Awesome; Enlightenment Begins at… Playboy?Personal Branding Lessons from Derek Jeter;Everyone’s Talking About Ello, But What Does It Mean for Brands? and   The hackers are accused of breaking into programs used for the U.S. Army’s Apache helicopter pilot training, Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles, and yet-to-be released […]

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Rupert Murdock Secretly Working With Bill Mahr; Median CEO pay crosses $10 million in 2013

You’d never know the owner of Fox news is part owner of Vice News rich with climate change and other liberal agenda; plus… How To Open Your Mind To New Business Possibilities; pple Is Getting Ready To Turn Your iPhone Into The Remote Control Of TV.. and GREAT Reda Today, Don’t Thank Me For My Service—Today, […]

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