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July 17, 2019 11:13

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The Complex Relationship Between Ripple And Cryptocurrency XRP

How to Create Slogans, Upset your competition & drive overwhelming sales; How the new tax law affects company sports tickets; Coca-Cola, US to use blockchain to combat forced labor; Why USA Today snagged video game developers to lure readers; A simple artificial heart could permanently replace a failing human one; Why Leadership Needs a Revolution; […]

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Cryptocurrency Market Takes a Tumble as Ripple Bubble Fear Looms

Cryptocurrency: Top 5 to watch this year; Ethereum Regains Title as Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency; Why Did Amazon Buy Up Cryptocurrency URLs? How Coinbase could disrupt traditional brokerages and dominate the investment market; Viacom Acquires Whosay to Help Advertisers Create More Branded Content; Jeff Bezos net worth: Amazon CEO now richest person in history Open

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19 Central Bankers Walk Into a Bar… “Ripple Is A Trap, And If You Currently Hold XRP, You Are Right In It.”

Confessions of a NAMEMAN (check out his website link at bottom); How to Pay Writers in Cryptocurrency; 5 secrets Steve Jobs can teach us about writing effective emails; Six huge reasons you’re not getting what you want; 4 interview skills that will help you land your dream job; How to turn haters into fans and […]

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Why Just Crypto? These Canadian Marijuana Stocks Have Grown by More Than 1,200%

2017 was a great year to be rich; The Rise of Ripple: Cryptocurrency Price Surges 33%; Religious Fervor in the Bitcoin Market; The End of Employees; The Biggest Cancer News Of 2017? ‘CAR-T Cells, Hands Down; The Biggest Cancer News Of 2017? ‘CAR-T Cells, Hands Down’; Facebook has a 100-person engineering team that helps advertisers […]

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The New BOT Economy: Kik already has over 6,000 bots reaching 300 million registered users; Rich Kids of China flaunt their bling and private jet trips online

Supercomputers, the New Superpowers of the Economy; Apple Backs Didi With $1 Billion in Blow to Uber in China; The radical superyacht with an infinity pool 125ft above the water; The One Thing Every Manager Wants in an Employee; Check out The Open-Office Concept Is Dead on; How to Make Passwords That Cannot Be […]

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