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January 22, 2020 11:14

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UN ruling may put .io domains at risk

The future of .io domains may have been cast into doubt, following a ruling from the UN’s highest court. The International Court of Justice this afternoon ruled (pdf) by a 13-1 majority that “the United Kingdom is under an obligation to bring to an end its administration of the Chagos Archipelago as rapidly as possible”. […]

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Hover: The book-shaped selfie drone you just unfold and toss in the air

Investors brace for big losses in big tech stocks; Amazon Seeing ‘Momentous’ Change of Guard as Public Cloud ‘Booms,’ Says JP Morgan; Nothing Twitter is doing is working; Onions Steal the Show in Apple’s iPhone 6s Spot Featuring Neil Patrick Harris; The Creative Mind & Sleep: Does Innovation Thrive In The Night? Consultants Are Eating […]

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First new gTLD deleted from the net

.doosan today became the first new gTLD to be removed from the domain name system. It’s no longer showing up in the DNS root zone file, and IANA’s record lists it as “retired”. .doosan was a dot-brand managed by Korean conglomerate Doosan Group. The company never did anything with it before deciding to kill the […]

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How to Energize Yourself for Change; Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week

Would you pay $1,200 for a technology detox? You can if you like; Culture shapes marketing. Marketing shapes culture. Our values shape both; Nearing Retirement? It’s Time to Be Creative; Email Is Broken, It Needs to Die, and We’ll Be Sorry When It’s Gone; As Cuba opens, developers tee up to build golf courses; Companies […]

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ING is Now Voya: "Changing The Way You Think About Retirement"

Sorry guys bad rebranding. Neither the names ING nor Voya make me think about retirement. Claims the spot “Metamorphosis of a dollar bill-patterned caterpillar into an “Orange Money” butterfly, signifying the transformation from ING U.S. to Voya Financial. Orange Money represents the money that needs to be set aside today in order to prepare for […]

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Billionaires With Big Ideas— The Shark Tank Moguls Tell All

PLUS: Giant 3D printer starts spitting out a house; Getting real about retirement; Wall Street Bonuses Vs. The Minimum Wage; Godin: Confidence is a choice, not a symptom; 5 Stealth Ways to Make Air Travel More Fun; Tech CEOs warn of threats to cloud, big data economyTech CEOs warn of threats to cloud, big data […]

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