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August 22, 2019 04:31

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My 10 best friends are "Illionaires"; Six ways to improve your life after 50

(NOTE: We will be off next week and not publishing. Story submissions will hit the week of July 10.) How To Make A Killing On Airbnb; How To Schedule Job Interviews When You’re Working Full-Time; Here’s How Amazon’s Alexa Hooks Yo; Making Connections, Creating Possibilities Innovate. Connect. Evolve; How A Cash Flow Crisis Turned This […]

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Early Domain Portfolio Pioneer Named Internet Retailer of the Year; Selling: The Survival of the Fittest

Fred Wilson Calls Out Banks for Ignoring Bitcoin; Is your brand story authentic, relevant and repeated?; 4  Things You Should Stop Doing Today to Improve Your Reputation; Bombshell report claims US ad agencies unethically pad their profits with secret; Tesla will be one of world’s largest companies says billionaire investor; ANGIE GRAVES to speak at […]

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How to Avoid Diaster at the Company Outing; State of Search in 2014

PLUS: How To Bulletproof Your Reputation In The Digital Age -; 100 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content; Adding Jet Fuel to Your Stories; Silicon Valley Workers’ ‘Free Lunch’ Costs Them Billions In Lost Wages; Microsoft Flips Famed PC vs. Mac Ads to Pitch Smartphones, Tablets; Left to Chance: Early Identification and Development of Gifted Children… […]

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==> Can I Have a Word With Your Reputation?

“In that sense, then, building your personal brand is about understanding how you want your professional life to be seen by others, and then managing your presence in both the offline and online worlds towards that end.  Good Evening Folks,”Building your personal brand” might strike you as a funny way of thinking about your career, […]

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Facebook Blocks ‘Small Portion’ of Users; How to Always Be Getting Smarter

PLUS: FORGER domains! Man buys $27 bit-coin now worth $1 million! How to Build an Amazing Secret Monitor Only You Can See; 10 Free Tools For Monitoring Your Brand’s Online Reputation; Is the tie dead in menswear? Billionaire Bought “Hot” Imelda Marcos Mone; and … Disorganization Is Not a Badge of Honor; It’s a Problem […]

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Tencent’s APP Portfolio valued at $100 Billion & $800 Million Value On Skyscanner (Largest Flight Comparison Search Engine)

PLUS: RUNNERS WOW- Cordless Earbuds Contain A Bite-Controlled MP3 Player; MMicrosoft Buys 26 Contosoyams Domain Names; Mark Cuban Changed Shark Contract Split; How We’ll 3D-Print The Internet Of Things;  How to Design a Website That Captures Loads of Leads; Instagram to Start Rolling Out Ads in ‘Next Couple Months’ and …  Reputation now seen as top strategic […]

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