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January 25, 2020 08:21

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Radix claims 77% renewal rates after two years

New gTLD registry Radix says that three of its larger TLDs have seen a 77% renewal rate two years after launch. The company said today that .online had 75% renewals, with .tech at 78% and .site at 81%. It appears to have carved out these three from its portfolio for attention, ignoring the rest of […]

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MMX says .vip renewals to be at 70%+

MMX believes the biggest money-spinner in its new gTLD portfolio, .vip, will see first-year renewals in excess of 70%. The company said this morning that it is projecting renewals towards the top end of industry norms based on manual renewals to date. .vip was a bit of a hit in China, topping a quarter-million domains […]

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Rightside new gTLD renewals can top 80%

Rightside says it is seeing encouraging renewal figures from its oldest batch of new gTLDs. The company this week revealed that renewals after two years of ownership on average stand at 81%. In a blog post, Rightside broke out some numbers for .dance, .democrat, .ninja, .immobilien, .social, .reviews and .futbol. Those seven are the only […]

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What Are The Renewal Prices Of The Latest 6-Figure New gTLD Domain Sales?

In the past few days two of the major New gTLD registries have reported three 6-figure domain name sales. Many people are wondering what the renewal prices for these domains will be. Rightside sold the domains Sex.Live and Porn.Live for $160,000 and $120,000 respectively. Donuts announced yesterday the sale of for $115,000. These 3 domain sales […]

Read more to prop up .xyz renewals with $1.5 million subsidy

Leading Chinese registrar has said it will subsidize .xyz renewals to the tune of $1.5 million. According to a press release, CEO He Xiaojiang made the announcement alongside counterpart Daniel Negari at meeting in Beijing on Friday. The registrar’s .xyz customers “are going to get high rebate back from so that […]

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Rightside offers $10 renewals on premium names

Rightside is to run a promotion that will discount renewals on premium names down to .com prices. From May 16 to June 30, if you buy any of the domains that Rightside has marked as premium — except the super-premium “Platinum” names — the wholesale renewal fee will be just $10. Registrars will mark this […]

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.guru renewals at 63%

Ten days into its series of renewal rate disclosures, Donuts has revealed that .guru’s rate currently stands at 63.4%. In a blog post yesterday, COO Richard Tindal said that the registry’s overall renewal figure for the first 81,569 domains it sold was 68.4%. The other two large TLDs in the batch — .photography and .clothing […]

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ICANN 50% renewal predictions not based on registry data

ICANN’s projection that new gTLDs will see renewals of between 25% and 50% is not based on empirical data from new gTLD registries. The predictions, which come in under industry standard expectations, are “conservative and somewhat subjective”, ICANN said. The organization last week revealed that its 2016 budget is partly based on a high estimate […]

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All eyes on Donuts as first new gTLD renewal figures roll in

Donuts is about to give the world the clearest picture yet of the ongoing demand for new gTLD domain names. The company has taken the unprecedented decision to disclose its renewal figures on a pretty much live basis. COO Richard Tindal has been blogging renewal stats for .bike, .clothing, .guru, .ventures, .holdings, .plumbing and .singles […]

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New gTLDs bring back tiered renewal pricing

Only one mass-market TLD used it, and it’s often considered a bad idea, but variable pricing for domain name renewals is making a comeback with the launch of new gTLDs. What Box? and Plan Bee are the first two new gTLD registries to start selling domains with tiered renewal fees, in .menu and .build respectively, […]

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