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January 29, 2020 18:47

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What’s the Secret of Silicon Valley as Facebook nears two billion monthly users

How I Survived My First Year As A Digital Nomad; Why Some People Get All The Good Job Offers; The #1 Mistake Fired Professionals Make…And How To Avoid It; 1 Powerful Question You Can Use To Improve Your Business and Personal Relationships; BlackBerry KeyOne Review: A Last Gasp For The Once-Mighty Physical; The newest version […]

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Reid Hoffman Pockets $2.9B in Linkedin/Microsoft deal; Reid says "AI Is Going to Change Everything About Managing Teams"

Has Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Finally Doomed Publishers And Marketers For Good? Why we need to balance the digital vs. human touch; Apple’s iOS 10 Is Available for Beta Testers Who Want a Head Start; New PodWave Market Aims to Help Brands Advertise on Podcasts Options 18h Owen Frager Imagination | For Hire New PodWave […]

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How to Pitch an Idea Like Mark Cuban and Reid Hoffman; Are Clubs Really A Brand?

3 surprising reasons 20-somethings are failing at work; Uber’s Threat To Banking Goes Beyond Prepaid Cards; Failing Fast Doesn’t Mean Giving Up; The MIT blackjack prodigy who inspired the movie ‘21’ sold his first startup for $500 million; How to Slow Aging Now: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You; 5 reasons why ACA reporting is […]

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After CIA Order, Amazon’s Cloud Is One of the Fastest-Growing Software Businesses (And You Thought They Sold Books)

PLUS: U.K. Court Demands ‘Glee’ Name Change; AERO – Everything Old is New Again by Mark Cuban; Jay Carney to Apple; Meet the Yelp for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries; Nasdaq’s computers were hacked; Shakira Has 100 Million Fans; Reid’s Job Hunting in the Network Age and … jury awards $23.6 billion to widow in smoking lawsuit Florida jury […]

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