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April 8, 2020 08:15

You are browsing the archive for RDNH. #UDRP : It’s a case of Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking for this 1999 registration

Filing a UDRP against the domain name,, ended up being a bad decision for the Brazilian Complainant. Registered in 1999 by the Respondent, predates the date of first use by the Complainant, Loco Tecnologia da Informação S.A., Brazil. The Complainant acquired a trademark in 2017. The Complainant has received an initial round of […]

Read more #UDRP results in Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding, a domain name registered in 2009, was hit with a UDRP. The Complainant is Kevac S.r.l, Italy, represented by LS LexJus Sinacta. The Respondent was represented by Muscovitch Law P.C., Canada. In this UDRP, the Complainant claimed that their trademarks from 2012 are sufficient to pursue the transfer of the domain, as the company […]

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#TacoCasa .com : House of #tacos gets stuffed with a #RDNH finding, a domain registered in 1998, was hit with a UDRP filed by Roy Upshaw d.b.a. Taco Casa and R&S Upshaw Franchising, LLC. Taco casa means house of taco(s) in Spanish. The Complainant believed they had a home run with this, after pulling some really aged state trademarks, that had expired, along with some fresher […]

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Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding in #UDRP, a short domain registered in 2005, was challenged via the UDRP process. The Complainant is Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo “Kontsern Radioelektronnye Tehnologii”, Russian Federation, that claimed rights to the Russian trademark for KRET. The sole WIPO panelist pointed out the following: “The Complaint lacks candour in that it makes no mention of the fact that the […]

Read more and lawsuit : Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking

A lawsuit stemming from a 2017 UDRP decision against the domains and has reached a verdict. Among the declarations: it’s a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking – a reversal of the original UDRP. Here are the statements: THE COURT FINDS that Plaintiff’s registration and use to date of the domain names […] […]

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Valve company AVK tries reverse hijacking

Panel determines that company filed “Plan B” dispute after failing to buy domain name. The valve company that uses filed a cybersquatting dispute in bad faith, a panel determined. A Czech Arbitration Court panel has found that AVK Group attempted reverse domain name hijacking by filing a cybersquatting dispute over the domain name […]

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#UDRP against ends with Reverse #Domain Name Hijacking finding

The domain was registered in 1997; in 2020, it was hit with a UDRP. The Complainant is Nu Pagamentos S.A, Brazil, that asserted rights to the NUBANK and NU BANK marks. The panelist pointed out the timeline of these registrations: “The Complainant is the owner of numerous trademark registrations in Latin America for the […]

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The registrant of “coined” the term in 2009 and registered the domain. More than nine years later, a company in Denmark obtained trademark rights to ACUBIT, and in 2020 they filed a UDRP to get the domain. Too bad, said the panelist, who based his decision on the chronology of the case, denying the […]

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Domain Capital gets reverse domain name hijacking win

University in Spain filed dispute after it inquired about buying the domain name. Domain Capital has successfully defended its domain name in a UDRP, and the Complainant was found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. Universidad Privada De Madrid, S.A., a University in Spain, filed the complaint after it first tried to buy the […]

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The UDRP against the aged three letter domain,, has ended with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Note: The Respondent was represented by, advertisers on our publication. This information was obtained from a public source and does not constitute advertising. When the Complainant’s failure to appreciate the weaknesses of its case, despite […]

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