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November 18, 2018 16:15

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.feedback regs Fox trademark to itself during sunrise

Top Level Spectrum, the new .feedback registry, has painted a second gigantic target on itself by registering to itself a .feedback domain matching one of the world’s largest media brands. The company has registered and put up a web site soliciting comment on Fox Broadcasting Company. This has happened whilst .feedback is still in […]

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XYZ buys .security and .protection from Symantec has added .security and .protection to its portfolio of new gTLDs under a private deal with security software maker Symantec. Symantec originally applied for both as closed generics, but changed its plans when ICANN changed its tune about exclusive access gTLDs. The company won .security in an auction against Donuts and Defender Security late […]

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Overstock to Take Bit Coins; SIRI Is HERE To Stay: URLS Matter Less (and even LESS)

PLUS: 40 Things To Say Before You Die; What management consultants might say to the Pop; When Internet satire gets passed off as “truth”; Writing an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation; Why I’m Betting on Tesla Motors Stock in 2014; Branding: How to Become a Thought Leader; Self Promotion is the Worst Promotion and Facebook: When Will […]

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