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April 5, 2020 01:12

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New domain name extensions available

And more new TLDs available for you to register your favourite domain name ! .PROMO, .STORE, .POKER, .FASHION, .PRESS, .FIT, .GARDEN, .TECH, .SITE, . TIRES

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Which made more money — .website, .press or .host?

Radix Registry launched its first three new gTLDs yesterday, and the first day’s numbers make an interesting case study in how difficult it can be to judge the health of a TLD. Based on zone file numbers, .website was the clear winner. It had 6,340 names in its zone at the end of the day, […]

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Radix delay blamed on promo pricing

Radix Registry’s first three new gTLD launches have been delayed for 24 hours after registrars experienced problems with promotional pricing. .website, .host and .press will now go to general availability at 1600 UTC today. Radix business head Sandeep Ramchandani said that some registrars were not expecting the registry to quote discounted fees at point of […]

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Radix’s first gTLD landrushes only risk-free if you shop around

Radix Registry has gone into landrush with its first new gTLDs, promising a “risk-free” experience for buyers who want to get into .website, .press and .host early. But different registrars are handling the phase in different ways — with a staggering range of prices — so you could still lose money on domains you don’t […]

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CentralNic kicks out ARI as back-end for four new Radix gTLDs

CentralNic has replaced ARI Registry Services as the exclusive back-end registry services provider for four new gTLDs. Radix, the new gTLD portfolio applicant formerly affiliated with Directi, will use CentralNic “exclusively” for .press, .host, .website and .space, according to a press release this morning. ARI was originally listed on Radix’s applications as the technical services […]

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Every Startup Needs To Be Ready To Meet The Press; Salesforce CEO: U.S. recovery stronger than you think

PLUS: Cease And Desist Letter So Simple A Caveman Could Understand; Facebook Shares Jump 16; Headphones and DJ Mixing APPS; Google’s paid clicks rise 31% in Q4; Bitcoins, gold and the next currency collapse; Hiring Motivated And Engaged Employees; Inspiration for Your Blog.. and How to Give Your Business a Name That Sticks Owen Frager Bitcoins, […]

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