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November 17, 2019 10:23

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Domain red alert : Would a nuclear war with North Korea affect domain investing?

An all-out, nuclear war with North Korea would disrupt most international trade. Traffic restrictions would have to be made, and stock market activity around the world would most certainly plummet. With all that in mind, we thought it be interesting to take the pulse of domain industry professionals, and seek their personal opinion about how […]

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TheDomains rolls out a ‘comment guidelines’ policy for trolls

The popular domain blog, TheDomains, attracts a large amount of commentary on its posts daily. Along with constructive responses and opinionated comments comes a small amount of troll-induced commentary, aimed at provoking the blog’s operator, Mike Berkens, and the readers of TheDomains. Mike’s one of the nicest people in the domain industry, and he puts […]

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Rick Latona graduates from Harvard Business School

A while back, popular domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, took a sabbatical from the domain industry, to invest in himself. Education is one of the biggest assets in any profession and industry, and Rick Latona has proven this by graduating today from the prestigious Harvard Business School. Sporting the Harvard tie, Rick Latona looks […]

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