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December 11, 2018 09:21

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Mr. Bladel goes to Washington

GoDaddy VP of Public Policy testifies to Congress and answers questions from Ted Cruz. GoDaddy VP of Global Policy James Bladel testifying to the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet GoDaddy Vice President of Global Policy James Bladel was in Washington, D.C. this morning for a Senate hearing “The Internet and Digital […]

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Why getting patents is smart for domain name companies

Patent programs help employees focus on innovation and create a good defense against patent infringement cases. Last week I was reviewing some of GoDaddy’s recent patent applications. When I write stories about patents, people often say that the patent is a joke or the invention is obvious. That may well be true in some circumstance. […]

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Groups tell U.S. Gov what its internet priorities should be

Companies weigh in on IANA transition, Whois access and more. Last month, the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) asked stakeholders to comment on the government’s internet policy priorities for 2018 and beyond. The NTIA has now published the responses. 87 companies, organizations and individuals submitted responses. Most of the comments are not surprising. […]

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Maryland roofing company attempts reverse domain name hijacking

After unsuccessfully trying to buy a domain name for a decade, company files UDRP. A Maryland roofing company has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking over the domain name RoofPro, LLC uses the domain name, which is a nice domain in at of itself. But the company wanted the […]

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ICANN Working Group: Registrants Must Retain the Right to Defend Their Domains in Court

In this post, the Internet Commerce Association provides an update on a plan to give IGOs special privileges related to domain names. Should domain name registrants’ fundamental right, the right to go to court to overrule a UDRP decision transferring their domain name, be taken away? That was one of the primary questions that an […]

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Company filed baseless cybersquatting dispute at WIPO. A New York brand strategy company that uses the domain name has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in its attempt to get the domain name Deep Focus Inc. filed the complaint against Abstract Holdings International, a domain name investment firm. Abstract […]

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Illinois property tax appeal attorney guilty of reverse domain name hijacking

Anastasia Poulopoulos filed a cybersquatting dispute in bad faith, panelist determines. The owner of Appealmytaxes.BIZ, which offers a service to challenge property tax assessments in Illinois, has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in an attempt to get the domain name Appealmytaxes.COM. Anastasia Poulopoulos filed the case with National Arbitration Forum […]

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Defendants are due in Los Angeles courtroom on June 29 for arraignment. Sahar Sarid’s mugshot after being arrested in Florida. He faces arraignment in California later this month. The defendants in a criminal case against’s owners face arraignment on June 29, according to the Superior Court of California website. Domain investor Sahar Sarid is […]

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Proeza, S.A. nailed for reverse domain name hijacking for failure to disclose

In a common occurence, company fails to disclose prior corresondence and misleads panel. Here’s a common pattern in cybersquatting disputes under the UDRP: A company reaches out to the domain name owner in an effort to either buy the domain or coerce the domain owner into transferring it on the threat of legal action. The […]

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Canadian company GVE Global Vision Inc tries reverse domain name hijacking

Package proofreading firm guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. A Canadian company has been found to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking over the domain name GVE Global Vision Inc (which goes by the name GlobalVision) helps companies like P&G and Coca-Cola with proofreading and inspecting their packaging. It filed a complaint under […]

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