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January 18, 2020 03:38

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Why ICANN’s transparency took a hit last year

MyICANN was critical to following everything happening at ICANN, but it hasn’t been available for a year. MyICANN, a key component of transparency at ICANN, has been gone for a year. One of the best things that former ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé oversaw while he led the organization was myICANN. MyICANN gave a drastic boost […]

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6 lawmakers urge ICANN to reject .Org sale

Warren, Wyden formally ask ICANN to reject sale. Elizabeth Warren is one of the lawmakers asking ICANN to reject the .org sale. Photo from Six U.S. lawmakers have asked (pdf) ICANN to reject the sale of .Org to Ethos Capital, a private equity company. The lawmakers include presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, Rony Wyden, Richard […]

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Vint Cerf and Mike Godwin follow bad talking points for .Org deal

Pricing and investment arguments are wrong. Ethos Capital and Internet Society are working overtime to spin the deal to sell .org for $1.35 billion as a good thing. There are certainly some good things about it, but I cringe when I read certain talking points. One is around pricing. Yesterday, from ISOC board member Mike […]

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Its client lost but the panelist didn’t find reverse domain name hijacking. A chain of beauty salons in India that uses the domain failed to get Naturals.COM through UDRP. A UDRP for that was filed in October has been found in favor of the domain name registrant. The case was filed by an […]

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BHP CISO runs into roadblock using UDRP to take down criticism site

Panel determines the domain wasn’t registered in bad faith given trademark date. The Chief Information Security Officer of mining and petroleum giant BHP has lost an attempt to take down a criticism site by using the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). Thomas Leen filed the dispute against the domain name The site […]

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Cryptocurrency business tries to reverse hijack domain name

Netherlands company brought case in abuse of the policy, panelist rules. A World Intellectual Property Organization panelist has found fintech/cryptocurrency business Feev Holding B.V. guilty of reverse domain name hijacking. The company filed a cybersquatting complaint against Firas Dabboussi, who registered the domain name in 2002. Feev Holding claimed trademark rights dated in 2019. Thus, […]

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The biggest problem with Verisign’s .com deal

It’s not the billion-dollar bonus for Verisign. As expected, ICANN has agreed* to let Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) increase prices on .com domain names starting this year. The U.S. government had already agreed to the price increases, but these increases aren’t included in Verisign’s current agreement with ICANN that runs for four more years. So Verisign […]

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Another reverse domain hijacking finding against DePenning & DePenning

Law firm is behind another reverse domain name hijacking case. DePenning & DePenning, a law firm in India, has filed another UDRP that was found to be reverse domain name hijacking. Previous reverse domain name hijacking findings against the firm’s cases include and In the latter case, the panel found that the Complaint […]

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Top Stories: Private equity company acquires .Org

Ethos Capital acquires .org for $1.135 billion. The biggest shock to many people in the domain industry in 2019 was Ethos Capital acquiring the .org registry contract from Internet Society for $1.135 billion. The deal was announced soon after ICANN removed price caps on .org domains, meaning that Ethos can charge whatever it wants when […]

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.Com prices are going up after Verisign pays off ICANN

Verisign will put $20 million in the kitty in return for multi-billion dollar windfall. Last year I made a prediction in my annual predictions podcast: ICANN would let Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) raise prices on .com, but Verisign would pay it extra money for the right to do so. That’s the crux of a proposed agreement […]

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