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April 2, 2020 17:51

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Adjusting to the downturn and going virtual – DNW Podcast #279

Here’s how one investor is thinking about his domain portfolio in light of the economic downturn. Domain name investor Page Howe returns to the program this week. Page talks about how he’s managing his portfolio in light of the coronavirus bust, and how the shift to web-based work could change things. He also discusses an […]

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Saving your business in this downturn – DNW Podcast #278

Take these steps now to survive the bust. Warren Coughlin, a business coach to entrepreneurs, has been through a lot of downturns. On this week’s show, Warren shares his experience steering a business through the dot-com bust.  He has some great, actionable advice to make sure your business makes it to the other side or […]

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Coronavirus impact on domain business – DNW Podcast #277

Shane Cultra breaks down what he saw last week. Last week was unlike any I can recall in my lifetime. People are understandably scared and anxious. This was obvious to Shane Cultra, who saw an immediate drop in aftermarket domain sales through his daily list last Thursday. On today’s show, Shane discusses what he saw […]

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On the radio with .FM – DNW Podcast #276

Podcasting has given this country code domain a boost. When I went to a podcast conference last month, one thing stuck out: .FM. It was everywhere. Many companies in the industry, such as podcast apps and monetization companies, use the country code domain name extension. This week’s guest, George Bundy, is CEO of the company […]

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How a lawyer turned his business around with new domains – DNW Podcast #273

After other marketing methods failed, Clay Burgess built sites using new top level domains. Clay Burgess is a lawyer and owns a law firm in Louisiana. Until a couple of years ago, his business was struggling. The SEO and marketing consultants he hired weren’t delivering results. Then he tried something everyone told him wouldn’t work: […]

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California AG looks into ICANN – DNW Podcast #272

What does it mean for the future of the .org sale? During NamesCon, news broke that the California Attorney General is looking into the deal to sell .Org to a private equity company, as well as investigating ICANN. To help break down what this means, Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz comes on […]

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NamesCon Roundup – DNW Podcast #271

10 interviews from people at NamesCon. NamesCon was last week in Austin, Texas. On this week’s show, you’ll hear from 10 people at NamesCon: Aman Bhutani, CEO of GoDaddy Peter Askew, Domain investor/business builder Christina Beavis, Vox Populi (.sucks) Jackson Elsegood, Zak Muscovitch, General Counsel of Internet Commerce Association Nikul Sanghvi, Domain investor Darpan […]

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NamesCon preview – DNW Podcast #270

Michael Cyger and Monte Cahn preview the action in Austin this week. This week the domain name industry will converge in Austin, Texas for NamesCon 2020. To preview the action, I talk to Michael Cyger of DNAcademy about which panels he’s attending. Then, I speak to Monte Cahn about the live domain name auction taking […]

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From selling vinyl to selling domain names – DNW Podcast #269

Nikul Sanghvi struggled to get a foothold in domain investing until a big sale in 2015. A domain investor’s journey is often filled with ups and downs. On today’s show, you’ll hear Nikul Sanghvi’s story. He was selling vinyl records online and living with his parents when he got bogged down by carrying so much […]

Read more – DNW Podcast #268

Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel discuss their new venture and what is happening in the domain market. Domain name brokers Amanda Waltz and Jeffrey Gabriel have teamed up to form On today’s show, the two discuss what brought them to this point and their decision to start a new brokerage firm. They also explain […]

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