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August 19, 2018 17:45

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5 things Mike Cyger learned – DNW Podcast #196

What DomainSherpa’s founder learned while learning about domain investing. Mike Cyger did over 400 interviews for DomainSherpa before he sold the site. On today’s show, Mike recounts how he got into the domain name business, how he learned domain investing my listening to and studying what others did, and five things he learned while running DomainSherpa. […]

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Checking in with – DNW Podcast #195

Jackson Elsegood provides an update on the domain market and’s service. has been in the news a lot over the past week thanks to its role as the escrow agent on several big deals. It handled the $3.5 million deal, the $1 million deal and Today I chat with Jackson […]

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Three companies using new TLDs – DNW Podcast #190

Why these three people chose new top level domain names. How do people learn about new top level domain names? Why do they decide to register them rather than go with a .com? What are their experiences using the domains? On today’s show, we talk with three people who registered new TLDs: Kristi Kohut, an […]

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Jen Sale of Evergreen – DNW Podcast #185

With two decades of experience in the domain business, Jen Sale shares her perspective on the current market. This week on the DNW podcast we talk with Jen Sale, a long-time fixture in the domain name industry who now runs the domain name brokerage Evergreen. We talk about how the domain industry has evolved over […]

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Bill Karamouzis – DNW Podcast #178

Meet a guy who has leveraged the value of good domain names and learn what he is investing in now. Bill Karamouzis, also known as Bill Kara, has made a lot of hefty domain name investments. Some of them have been for businesses. He bought for $350,000 and paid $725,000 for for his […]

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The challenges of new TLDs with Tobias Sattler – DNW Podcast #177

A first-hand account of selling new top level domains. What is it like integrating and selling new top level domain names as a registrar? On today’s podcast we talk with Tobias Sattler, the CIO for United Domains, a registrar with 1.6 million domains under management and around 10% of these in new TLDs. Tobias talks […]

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Christa Taylor talks domains – DNW Podcast #173

An in-depth discussion on the state of new top level domains. What makes for a good top level domain name? Well, it starts with the ABIC test. Christa Taylor of dotTBA has helped many companies apply for, plan for and/or launch top level domain names. This puts her in a unique position of seeing new […]

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Meet the man who spent $500k on – DNW Podcast #171

Hear why Blake Janover paid $500k for Blake Janover just paid $500,000 to buy, a record price paid for a domain under new top level domain names. Is he crazy? Hear his story and listen to Blake explain his rationale for buying the domain name. Also: Crazy .club price, profitable domain company, UDRP […]

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How to avoid UDRP – John Berryhill – DNW Podcast #170

Attorney John Berryhill explains how to minimize the chances of facing a UDRP. Domain name investors fear bogus UDRP cybersquatting cases. How can you protect yourself against the cost of having to defend against a UDRP? On today’s show attorney John Berryhill discusses common perceptions about trademarks to help you avoid risky domains, how to […]

Read more and domain names – DNW Podcast #169

Kellie Peterson talks about what is seeing as a domain name registrar. operates a domain name registrar with a unique characteristic: almost all of the domain names it registers are for end users that put them to use with a live website. Kellie Peterson, who manages the registrar, explains what she is seeing […]

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