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December 10, 2019 19:15

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How Do You Help People Appreciate That Crypto Is The Biggest Thing To Happen In The History Of Humanity?

Bitcoin’s Final Boss: Calls for outlawing Bitcoin; How to Write Compelling Articles That Get Read and Shared; 5 Ways I’ve Used To Grow My Follower Count; 20 Companies That Are *Really* Changing the World; Apple ‘On Schedule’ to Terminate Music Downloads by 2019; The Lesson of Facebook’s Hammer Drop? Build a Community, Not an Audience; […]

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LIke ICANN, Coca-Cola Designed Its New Can Around A Problem No One Has

PLUS: Prepare for NamesCON: How I Learned to Work a Room, and You Can Too and…No revenue, no confidence from advertisers and they turned down $3 billion! Is The New Google AdWords Ad Format Too Sneaky? Citrix developing apps for Google Glass; Gary V: I’m In the Business of Always Trying To Put Myself Out of Business; 11 […]

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Before Going ion Shark Tank (or any Pitch) This is What You Need To Remember

Here are some tips on what made the best pitches of the night successful: ==> Make sure to mention your company name two or three times  The best presenters mentioned their company names at least at the beginning and end of the presentation in case the folks who missed it the first time had a […]

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