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February 22, 2020 18:38

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Morgan Stanley’s interesting domain name patent application

Company proposes a way to determine if a domain name might trick web users. Could this domain trick someone? I often come across domain name-related patent applications filed by internet security companies. But it was interesting to see financial services company Morgan Stanley file one. The company filed application number 16/059707 (pdf) for “Optically Analyzing […]

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Microsoft seizes “Russian election hacking” domains

Microsoft has taken control of six domains associated with a hacker group believed to be a part of Russian military intelligence, according to the company. Company president Brad Smith blogged yesterday that Microsoft obtained a court order allowing it to seize the names, which it believes were to be used to attack institutions including the […]

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Research finds homograph attacks on big brands rife

Apparent domain name homograph attacks against major brands are a “significant” problem, according to research from Farsight Security. The company said last week that it scanned for such attacks against 125 well-known brands over the three months to January 10 and found 116,113 domains — almost 1,000 per brand. Homographs are domains that look like […]

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Georgia Tech researchers shed light upon “combosquatting”

Researchers examine domain names that contain famous trademarks combined with other words. George Tech, in collaboration with Stony Brook University and London South Bank University, has released a study (pdf) of what it calls “combosquatting” in domain names. The findings are being discussed as part of the Association of Computer Machinery’s Computer and Communications Security […]

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Be careful of potential Payoneer phishing email

Be careful if you use Payoneer of a phishing attempt going on. I received an email from what looks to be Payoneer. But when I look at the bottom of the email, it says: Note: If clicking Continue fails, please click the entire link below :    Continue But when I place my cursor […]

Read more lawsuit : $2 million dollar judgement against Chinese phishing domain names has won a lawsuit it filed against the Chinese operators of an elaborate phishing scheme. A Federal Court in Arizona delivered a $2 million dollar judgement against hackers who created a spoofed web site, that copied the well-known legal review web site. Randazza Legal Group, PLLC represented Avvo in this successful lawsuit. In Avvo, […]

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Bank of America phishing scam shows limitations of validated TLDs

People will fall for this bogus domain name. Domain investor Abdu Tarabichi sent a screenshot of a text he received today from a scammer: If you go to the subdomain of it will ask you to unlock your account by entering your credit card number, expiration date, CVV and the last four digits of […]

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Phishing Scam Targets USAA

Last Saturday, I received a phishing email targeting members of USAA, which is a bank extensively used by active-duty military members, veterans, and their family members. See for yourself: Subject: Important Message From: USAA Message: Dear valued USAA member: Thank you for your support, At USAA we are updating our server for security reasons and […]

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Krebs on Security : Russian servers hosted domains used to phish for iPhone info

Renowned security expert, Brian Krebs, shared information on a massive phishing scheme targeting iPhone users. With the help of at least 146 domain names, the Russia-based criminal ring attempted to steal credentials from users whose iPhones had been stolen. “Victims of iPhone theft can use the Find My iPhone feature to remotely locate, lock or […]

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Hacked ICANN data for sale on black market

If you were a user of ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service back in 2014 you may wish to think about changing some passwords today. ICANN has confirmed that a bunch of user names and hashed passwords that were stolen in November 2014 have turned up for sale on the black market. The batch reportedly contains […]

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