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December 14, 2018 16:58

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Number of XYZ domains falls below the 4 million mark

The number of registered .XYZ domains has fallen well below the 4 million mark, according to ntldstats. And this is not the end of the line, as an additional 1.3 million .XYZ domains are in “deletion mode,” which would further lower the numbers. XYZ rose to the top spot among new gTLDs by a controversial […]

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Someone just got a $225,000 dollar bill for .XYZ domain renewals!

Remember that .XYZ penny promo from last year? Almost 3 million .XYZ domains were registered in June of 2016, at the Registry’s loss, for a penny each. It’s renewal time, and someone who registered 45,000 .XYZ domains having spent $450, received a renewal bill for $225,000 dollars! That amounts to $5 bucks per .XYZ domain, […]

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Uniregistry on .XYZ domains : Automatic renewals are set to OFF

Uniregistry has notified holders of .XYZ domains that were registered during last year’s “penny promo” that auto-renewals are disabled. A year ago, the .XYZ registry allowed the registration of .XYZ domains for $0.01, resulting in almost 3 million registrations. Being able to register 1000 .XYZ domains for $10 bucks has consequences. At around $12 a […]

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Ali Zandi drops 1500 domain names – guess the TLD!

Domain investor and broker, Ali Zandi, has taken investment risks before; he often shares his successes and failures as part of his commitment to transparency. In a recent exchange on Twitter, Zandi stated he had just dropped more than 1500 domain names: “The PURGE: 1500+ domains… #deleted. Feels good. Can you guess the TLD?” Wow. […]

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Domain pennies : Time is running out on 3 million plus .XYZ domains

Thanks to a penny promotion for its second anniversary, the .XYZ gTLD more than doubled its numbers from less than 3 million, to more than 6 million domains. Priced at $0.01 dollars, the mass registration of .XYZ domains came at no sweat to domain opportunists, who went after every left-over keyword not taken previously. Almost […]

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