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March 21, 2019 01:14

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Domain pennies : Time is running out on 3 million plus .XYZ domains

Thanks to a penny promotion for its second anniversary, the .XYZ gTLD more than doubled its numbers from less than 3 million, to more than 6 million domains. Priced at $0.01 dollars, the mass registration of .XYZ domains came at no sweat to domain opportunists, who went after every left-over keyword not taken previously. Almost […]

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Domain dime : Dot .CLUB will never sink to a penny!

Colin Campbell, CEO and co-founder of dot .CLUB, made a jabbing statement earlier today, in reference to the value of gTLDs. In response to a question over Twitter, the .CLUB officer stated: “.CLUB will never sink to a penny!” The penny reference was most likely with regards to the recent promotional give-away by .XYZ, which […]

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