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January 27, 2020 06:03

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Can Working for a Company with a Bad Reputation Hurt Your Career? What the heck is Angela Ahrendts doing at Apple?

So much for Chinese economy crashing Apple; The Google Art Heist; Meet Relay: Stripe’s New, Simplified, Payment-Processing System; LinkedIn Co-Founder’s Stanford Class Reveals the Secret of Silicon Valley Success: “Blitzscaling”; Billionaire widow Judy Taubman locked out of her Mayfair flat; Entrepreneurial Advertising: The Future Of Marketing; 12 TED Talks on how to be a great […]

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The Battle Begins – Apple, Facebook, and Google take on PayPal

There’s a storm brewing in Silicon Valley, and it’s centered around a race to become the new standard for sending and receiving payments online. The world is changing and I’m pretty sure we’re all going to look back on things like credit cards and say, “wow, remember when you had to use one of those to pay […]

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