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January 19, 2018 11:16

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#Uniregistry Market : “Ass pass” will help tackle #domain lowballers

Uniregistry listens to its loyal customers, and is rolling out a new, exciting feature at its domain marketplace. The Uniregistry Market Ass Pass will allow for a range of explosive responses, via a pre-selected menu of insulting replies. “Many domain investors with portfolios at Uniregistry Market are sick and tired by the increased amount of […]

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Domain flippers? Chinese domainers upset over Rick Schwartz’s statement

A group of Chinese domainers from the Guangzhou province in China are upset with Rick Schwartz. The reason: The Domain King’s recent statement about exclusive traders of numeric, or letter domains not really being “domainers.” Said Rick via Twitter earlier today: Not all #Domainers are really Domainers. Those that focus ONLY on number #Domains or […]

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Ask Me Nothing : DomainSherpa show to roll out new, exciting format

DomainSherpa moved recently from the busy hands of Mike Cyger, to the equally busy mind of Drew Rosener. The cryptocurrency boffin is eager to get the show off the ground, and hinted of new updates that might be coming. “We’re rolling out a new, exciting format for our live guests, called ‘Ask Me Nothing’,” said […]

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Media Options buys DomainSherpa : A few things are about to change

Popular industry video blog, DomainSherpa, has been acquired by Media Options, a domain brokerage powerhouse. Media Options founder, Drew Rosener, showed his enthusiasm about the acquisition of a long-standing domain industry show: “By leveraging the distinct qualities of the DomainSherpa show, I will be able to sustain the technological advancements of our millennium. Blockchain is […]

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ICANN : First day of #ICANN60 in Abu Dhabi begins

Beginning today, Abu Dhabi is hosting the ICANN event, ICANN60. The event’s rich agenda attracts thousands of spectators from less oil-rich countries, eager to cooperate on the next stage of the multi-stakeholder model. Today’s rich agenda includes among other things, the following intriguing discussions: Disrupting Uber in the new tech millennium, using the CamelRide™ app. […]

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MERGE! 2017 : Interview with Elliot Silver in Orlando, FL, in absentia

MERGE! 2017 is wrapping up its 4th day today, and tomorrow is the final – yet short – day. The multi-discipline conference attracted domain investors, as well as professionals from other sectors. Elliot Silver is one such popular domain investor, who had scheduled to be at MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida. Alas, he didn’t make […]

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Mike Robertson begins long, difficult journey to MERGE! 2017 in Florida

Popular domain industry professional, Mike Robertson, has officially embarked on his long journey to MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The path is difficult and the terrain quite inhospitable, but Mike’s a seasoned domainer with years of experience in the industry. “Driving on I-4 from Tampa all the way to Orlando, is daunting, mate!” exclaims Mike […]

Read more now offers free lunch with every domain transaction!

Domain industry behemoth,, has once again shifted the proverbial paradigm for domain transactions. Offering more services for less, is the way to go among frugal domain investors, and the domain escrow provider has kicked the ball ahead of its primary competitor, PayPal, this time. “We want to give our customers the very best in […]

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Frank Schilling’s laptop photo leaked sensitive info about Topcoin ICO

Frank Schilling attended Web Hosting Days – USA – in Las Vegas last week, and naturally, posed for a photo op with other participants. The Uniregistry founder smiled at the camera multiple times, and in one instance shared the stage with domain industry professionals, Aaron Pace and Raymond King. In that photo, Frank’s laptop is […]

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Mike Mann sells “IDGAFF” domain for six figures

Domain investor, Mike Mann, sold an “IDGAFF” domain for six figures, breaking his personal record for the biggest ROI. Hand registering a domain with a coupon code and a total cost of $2.49 via GoDaddy, Mike Mann spoke of his successful flip on the MySpace group Domainer Kings: “True fact, from reg fee minus coupon, […]

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