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November 17, 2019 13:31

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Sucuri : 200,000 expired parked domains distribute malicious ads

A recent article by security experts, Sucuri, unveils the practices of a Hong Kong formed corporation, China Capital Investment Limited, and its portfolio of almost 200,000 parked domains. According to an extensive article by Sucuri, these domains have been specifically selected for their existing backlinks. Instead of simply showing a typical parking page, these domains […]

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Have loan domains? Your premium PPC revenue might plummet

Parked domain names related to loans garner some of the highest pay per clicks (PPC) for a variety of keywords. Additionally, searches for “loans” and “lending” are performed by individuals actively looking to establish new lines of credit. Such clicks, therefore, establish higher conversion rates for those service providers buying ads on the Google ad […]

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Uniregistry one step closer to launching domain editor for PPC landers

One of the things that came along with the integration of Domain Name Sales into the Uniregistry Market, is the change in the parked pages. Instead of the plethora of landers that one customized to suit the context of parked domains, a single, unified “blue hazy mountain” lander became the only choice. Naturally, many domain […]

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Enom “backpack” girl featured in domain comic!

Do you remember the eNom girl? Featuring a backpack, the iconic student was used on hundreds of thousands of domains parked on eNom pages, a decade ago. Hannah Steller, as her real name is, made a cameo appearance – in the same photo – as far as Nepal. Not only that, but the spoof story […]

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So You Want To Buy A Parked Domain Name

I received a tweet this morning asking if there was any hope for an individual (vs. a company) to buy a domain name given how many are parked. My response was: absolutely, individuals have the same chance as a startups, remember parked usually means “for sale” This echoes what I think is a common confusion […]

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Shocking report: 95% of all domains are parked

Recent data from .com and .net managers, Verisign, unveil a shocking reality of the Internet: only 5% of all domain names are actual web sites. With parked or otherwise “for sale” domains representing 95% of all domain registrations, there’s an important issue right there. “Every damn web site I visit, I see this stupid Sedo […]

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