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April 2, 2020 18:39

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He too started with a small million loan from family…but his next IPO is the mother of all IPOs

Meet Trump supporter Peter Thiel…  A gay immigrant who has probably done more to move the world forward then more iconic tech geniuses we hear about.  Thiel has started, invested in and advised some of the most important technology companies in the past 20 years, earning himself a fortune in the process.  Limited thinking is […]

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How Palantir, Peter Thiel’s Secretive Data Company, Pushed Its Way Into Policing

Coinbase Becomes First Bitcoin ‘Unicorn’; Android creator’s startup raises $300M; How To Write Social Media Headlines That Stand Out; SERVant Leadership…ON Purpose!; The Branding Genius Behind Shake Shack Presents Her Sequel; Facebook reveals its YouTube competitor and TV clone; Birchbox has held acquisition talks with several retailers, including  Wal-Mart; GoDaddy Swings To Profit, Revenue

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China’s Newest Investment Craze Is Short Domain Names; The Uber-Ization Of Retail

CIA-backed start-up is taking over Palo Alto; No One is Making a Bad Camera, You’re Just a Bad Photographer; Ready for El Niño? Here’s what many homeowners don’t know about flood insurance (there’s a difference between damage from falling water vs. rising water); 7 new features coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 9.3 […]

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