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February 22, 2020 19:43

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Ten years ago I predicted Oscar winners wanted a .movie gTLD. Was I right?

Almost 10 years ago, when DI was barely a month old, I looked at that year’s Oscar nominees and predicted that a .movie gTLD could find some demand in the movie industry. Was I right? Of course I was. As regular readers know, I’m always right. Apart from those times I’m wrong. In 2010, there […]

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The registrant of has sold the domain on Flippa, for a rather astronomical amount. Not really. Considering how the domain incorporates a famous trademark, the actual selling price of $10 dollars represents more than what this domain is worth: registration fees. Why would such a domain be registered in the first place, we aren’t […]

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Priceless (.com) Hits Oscars, Grammys.. The Best Ideas Come Out of Fear

Underwater cities, downloadable meals and 3D-printed houses within next century; Online shopping hasn’t helped the environment, it made it worse; Google Is Now Giving More Context In Their Search Results; Seven Crucial Strategies For Mobile Marketing Success; Frank Underwood Opens His Campaign Headquarters in South Carolina — for Real; How Rules Of The Road Affect […]

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GoDaddy did not cybersquat the Oscars, court finds

In a landmark decision, a US court has ruled that GoDaddy’s practice of parking unused domains with Google advertising does not count as cybersquatting. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which runs the annual Oscars awards, sued the registrar five years ago after seeing that GoDaddy had parked hundreds of names containing its […]

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Huge victory for Domain Registrars and Parking companies in GoDaddy court case

Case provides ammunition for domain name registrars and domain parking companies in cybersquatting claims. A court has found in GoDaddy’s favor in a long running cybersquatting battle brought by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The 128-page decision (pdf) has lots of findings that will be cited in cybersquatting lawsuits for years to […]

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GoDaddy wins lawsuit brought forth by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

GoDaddy pulled a surprising victory against the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, today, in a decision that dispelled a $30 million lawsuit against the domain registrar. The cybersquatting case lasted more than five years, and a judge ruled in GoDaddy’s favor. According to the Hollywood Reporter, District Court Judge Andre Birotte Jr. decided there’s […]

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What Domain Stands Out From All The Oscar Ads Last Night?

Well maybe not to be confused with the screen title “Oscars” but it was all about the hashtag. The one standing out #AskHerMore. Clever ideas to engage the audience onto a multi screen experience. And all about leading traffic to Twitter and from Twitter direct navigated LINK to final destination. It’s because, the Lincoln Navigator is […]

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Oscar night sucked the living lights out of important domain news

Once again, the Oscars proved to be devastating for the domain community, that relied on content filters to locate even a single post worth reading. Wading through millions of Oscar tweets, domain investors expressed their frustration and agony over the future of domaining. “Oscars, who gives a crap about that over-rated glitz gala, when the […]

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Greece Sells 110 Of Its Best Beaches In The Name Of “development”; We Say Sell Twitter

Traveling this weekend? Yes, passengers are more squished than ever; Domainers: Brand Licensing Provides More Outlets for Profit and Exposure; 14 Designs That Show What Architecture Will Look Like In The Future; 10 Stocks To Buy Now: Be Cautious – But Don’t Panic; Pizza Delivery Guy From the Oscars Is Opening His Own Pizza Joint; 3 New […]

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Go Daddy risking Oscars wrath with .buzz premium domains?

The new gTLD registry Dot Strategy included many famous brands on its list of premium .buzz names, including two that could get its partner, Go Daddy-owned Afternic, in hot water. Until a couple of hours ago, carried what appeared to be thousands of premium listings, organized by category and carrying prices of $1,000 and […]

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