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May 28, 2018 03:30

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Cute abruptly quits PIR

Brian Cute unexpectedly resigned as CEO of Public Interest Registry late last week. No reason was given for his departure. In a May 10 press release, the .org registry said that he’d left May 7. He’s been replaced temporarily by board member Jay Daley until a permanent replacement can be found. I asked a PIR […]

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Buying One Word (Dot) COM’s

Today: Budget: $10k – I’m looking for a shopping/price comparison domain / looking for the best .in or word (not two-word domain) / “Coin” domain name needed / And more! Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. – Would fit in a niche about the justice system raiding property for counterfeit […]

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Buyer agrees to a $5000 purchase price – Here’s what happened next!

Today: Ideas on how to develop a domain name / I’m investing in a one-word .fi domain suitable for a digital marketing services company / Buying a lot of hand reg Casino domains / And more! Here are the new domain discussions and domain news. – Are new gTLD domains like worth anything in […]

Read more – a very nice tribute by Rick Schwartz

While doing some research on names I came across The domain is actually owned by Rick Schwartz and is a digital tribute to his Father, Hy. Rick put the site up 18 years ago this July 7th. Rick bought the name for $400 on Ebay. Very cool on Rick’s part using a 5 […]

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PIR promotes two senior execs

Public Interest Registry has promoted two people in its senior finance team. Marc Saitta, previously chief financial officer, is now chief operating officer, a position that appears to have been empty for a few years. Saitta joined PIR as CFO in 2014. Kathy King, who was senior director of finance and accounting, is now vice […]

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Now the DNA backpedals on “Copyright UDRP”

The Domain Name Association has distanced itself from the Copyright ADRP, a key component of its Healthy Domains Initiative, after controversy. The anti-piracy measure would have given copyright owners a process to seize or suspend domain names being used for massive-scale piracy, but it appears now to have been indefinitely shelved. The DNA said late […]

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PIR slams brakes on “UDRP for copyright”

Public Interest Registry has “paused” its plan to allow copyright owners to seize .org domains used for piracy. In a statement last night, PIR said the plans were being shelved in response to publicly expressed concerns. The Systemic Copyright Infringement Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy was an in-house development, but had made its way into the […]

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Angry reactions to “UDRP for copyright”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Internet Commerce Association are among those expressing initial concern about the introduction of a new “UDRP for copyright” mechanism by the Domain Name Association. The EFF said the DNA’s new proposals want registries to become “private arbiters of online speech”, while the ICA expressed concern that the proposals could circumvent […]

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The Pirate Bay likely to be sunk as .org adopts “UDRP for copyright”

Controversial piracy site The Pirate Bay is likely to be the first victim of a new industry initiative being described as “UDRP for copyright”. The Domain Name Association today published a set of voluntary “healthy practices” that domain registries can adopt to help keep their TLDs clean of malware, child abuse material, fake pharmacies and […]

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PIR Releases 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report: 92% of NGO’s Have a Website

Public Interest Registry, the not-for-profit operator of the .org, .ngo and .ong domains and Nonprofit Tech for Good today revealed the results of the “2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report.” The second annual report uncovers how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide use web, email and mobile communications, online fundraising tools, and social media. The report details […]

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