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January 17, 2018 05:00

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GoDaddy violates ICANN whois rules and now makes it official

GoDaddy has been blocking whois access at Port 43 for years… It returns the date related information of each domain name, nameserver info and the registrant name. It has been blocking address, telephone and email information for years. Now GoDaddy makes it official. It will violate ICANN whois rules (that are very very poorly enforced) […]

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Please don’t change the deal terms after the agreement!

Twice in the past month I had 2 buyers change the terms of the domain name transaction after we had agreed and I had setup the escrow transaction. In these 2 cases both changed their minds and wanted to pay through a company. And I am sure that this was not because they had something […]

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The state of domain name brokers

I have been really worried lately with the current state of domain name brokers. You may have read how “I don’t like brokers”. The problem is that most of the brokers know very little about domain names when they enter the business and most leave the business before they even learn anything. Most of the […]

Read more sold for $25,000 – Was the price too high? (plus the top 100 * domain sales)

Yesterday the domain name sold for $25,000 at GoDaddy auctions and that is an all time record price for a * domain name. (together with that also sold for $25k last year) Of course we will have to wait a few days before this sale is final and learn who the winning bidder […]

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When Rick Schwartz met Mark Cuban

Rick Schwartz talked today about the time he met Mark Cuban. 11 years ago Rick Schwartz won an auction for Make a Wish Foundation Children’s Charity on Ebay. The winning bidder ($6500) got to have lunch with Mark Cuban in Orlando. I asked Rick if he talked with Mark about domain names and he said “of […]

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Only buy what (domains) you need

I got inspired to write this post by a tweet made by Peter Sunde, founder of Njalla (and Pirate Bay), a privacy domain name registration service, about black Friday purchases: This Friday it’s “black friday”. At @njal_la we’re discussing doubling our prices on that day to discourage people from purchasing stuff just because it’s cheap. […]

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Thinking to renew or not a New gTLD led to a $9,600 .com domain sale!

This is a domain name story that almost never happens. Or is it? So the story starts with this domain name that was coming up for renewal. It was a New gTLD domain: Hollywood.Agency. The domain had a $72 renewal price. While I was thinking to renew it or not I thought of visiting the […]

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Post your 3 best domain names!

Please post in the comments your 3 best (or 3 of your best) domain names. I will start with mine. Please don’t post more than 3 domain names and also don’t post prices. Domains don’t have to be available for sale anyway… Here are 3 of my best domain names: is […]

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This is insulting and a new low for Uniregistry domain name brokers!

This seems like a new low for Uniregistry domain name brokers and it is really insulting to domain buyers. I inquired about a domain name in July 2016 and 21 emails later (yes they don’t give up) I received this email from a Uniregistry broker yesterday: “Our payment plans do not accumulate interest. When someone […]

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Is the domain name price really ridiculous?

I got a reply from an interested buyer of one of my domain names saying that the price I quoted was ridiculous. Is the quoted domain name price really ridiculous? How does the buyer know? Does he/she know more than the domain name owner? Unless you the buyer is working with domain names everyday then […]

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