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February 21, 2020 06:58

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These #domainers do not exist : #Nvidia AI system creates life-like #human faces

You think you know all domain investors, also referred to as “domainers,” by attending various domain conferences? Think again. An Nvidia AI system trained to create life-like human faces is generating remarkably realistic images of men and women – both adult and children. In reality, these persons do not exist. The web site is […]

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NVIDIA stock skyrockets; Company grabs the .CO domain via the UDRP process

NVIDIA has been performing remarkably well this year; the company designs graphics processing units for the gaming, cryptocurrency, and professional markets. If you own a PC, chances are that your video card is made by NVIDIA , and during 2017 its stock has gone from sub-100 dollars a share, to more than $200 dollars a […]

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One party UDRP : Alienware or NVIDIA – who gets the domain?

An interesting situation surrounds the UDRP against the domain that was dealt with at the National Arbitration Forum. Alienware is a computer brand owned by Dell Inc., while NVIDIA is a cutting edge computer hardware manufacturer, including popular video cards. The domain’s registration contains two marks, each managed by their respective owners. However, only […]

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