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August 24, 2019 18:28

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So apparently my idea of investing in liquid numeric domains might not be the greatest

I got a really nice email from Giuseppe, one of the foremost experts on liquid domains (, he had read my posts about investing in numeric domains and wanted to know why I wasn’t looking at non-numerics, i.e. liquid domains with letters. I didn’t have a good answer for him. As I’ve been learning more […]

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Expired domain name blows past $24,000…but why did it expire in the first place?

Well whoever owned is likely kicking themselves right now, or if they’re reading this article, they are emailing Go Daddy to pay their $10 renewal fee. The domain has already exceeded $24,000 and there are more than five days left in the auction. This is also a case where Estibot certainly seems to have […]

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Which NNN .com domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions?

Another big sale was revealed by Rick Schwartz today; the portfolio of 10 NNN .com domains was brokered for several million dollars. Which numeric domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions? After some digging we came up with the list of the 10 NNN .com domains just sold by the Domain King; Rick said […]

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Rick Schwartz sells yet another NNN .com domain,

If you perused the list of Rick Schwartz’s numeric domains we shared a while back, you can scratch off that list. Earlier today, the Domain King® shared the news of the sale, tweeting thus: “Just sold . Chinese market alive and well! Great .Com Domains outperform EVERY single stock on the market! #domains” […]

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West.CN auctions: Single digit domain 2.XYZ sold for how much?

Short, numeric domains in almost every TLD seem to be doing well, and .XYZ is no exception. Still, it’s a hit or miss, and it depends on the market conditions, particularly of the Chinese domain market. According to DNJournal, last year’s biggest single digit domain sales include 1.XYZ for $181,000 dollars and 9.XYZ for $170,000 […]

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Chinese domain market report : Numeric domains save the week

It’s been a slow week for the Chinese domain market. Other than a notable sale of a two letter domain,, and the apparent re-sale of another,, the typical “Chips” market appears rather flat. Chinese domain investors, energized by their World Domain Conference in China, might think otherwise. We shall see in the coming […]

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More “188” domains grabbed via UDRP

Yet another UDRP over domains that begin with the not-so-lucky number “188” has been decided at the WIPO. Following on a batch of six digit numeric .com domains in April, and one UDRP in February for the same type of number, the new case involved the following domain names:,,,,,, […]

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Chinese domain sales report : Numeric domains to the rescue

China is a booming economy, with one of the highest growth rates in the world. Technology is driving the Chinese market, and although China is still very agricultural, it’s becoming increasingly consumerist. Thanks to the “Communist Capitalism” model, China is the 2nd largest economy in the world. The Chinese government announced recently that it will […]

Read more sold for $60,000 already has lottery site up and running sold for $60,000 on Sedo yesterday. The domain was registered way back in 1999. The seller was out of the U.K. a company called Giant Games LTD. The domain looked to just have a landing page for years. The buyer is Xinpujing out of China, the site is already up and running, the site […]

Read more Sells for 1.62 million CNY

There have been some decent numeric sales over the last few days in China. sold for $246,400. The sale was reported on English translation from Kassey Lee of sold for 1.62m CNY in recent auction. 9 is a lucky number and 791 is the dialing code of 南昌 (Nanchang). Similar domain […]

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