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August 22, 2019 05:50

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Poll: How much did Rick Schwartz sell that NNN .com domain portfolio for?

Rick Schwartz‘s recent sale of a domain portfolio consisting of 10 NNN .com names, upped the ante for how numeric domains are valued. The Domain King acquired those ten domains for $700 dollars. How much did he sell them for? Initially, Rick’s tweet stated “millions” and that spans $2 million to infinity, and beyond. 🙂 […]

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Which NNN .com domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions?

Another big sale was revealed by Rick Schwartz today; the portfolio of 10 NNN .com domains was brokered for several million dollars. Which numeric domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions? After some digging we came up with the list of the 10 NNN .com domains just sold by the Domain King; Rick said […]

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Report: Domain Sold For $1.5 Million

According to a report appearing  in, the domain name just sold for about $1.5 Million dollars. According to the report the sales price was 9,580,000 RMB which according to today’s exchange rate is $1,496,290.52. The domain name did change ownership yesterday. The domain was owned by a XiaoFeng Lin of China at […]

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Large group of reportedly stolen numeric domains includes

A domain theft alert was posted today on DNForum, regarding the status of several, undoubtedly premium numeric domain names. Seven NNN .com domains and two NNNN .com domains were marked as “stolen” – the person announcing the theft is based in China and allegedly a friend of the domain owner whose domain names have been […]

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