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October 18, 2019 23:17

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Afilias Says .Bet is 11th Most Registered New gTLD; But It’s Really 84th

Afilias put out a press release earlier today claiming that one of it’s new gTLD’s .Bet which was just launched last week, already was the 11th most registered new gTLD, but in reality it’s the 84th most registered new domain extension. Here is how the press release started out: “According to data verified with, […]

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MyRescue.Dog Awards A Total of $100,000 to 16 Local Dog Shelters

Petfinder Foundation announced the winners of the fundraising campaign, a month-long effort to celebrate rescue dogs and raise funds for the shelters and rescue organizations that save them. The campaign began on National Dog Day August 26 and ran through Sept. 26 a site built on a new domain extension of the new […]

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