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February 28, 2020 03:13

You are browsing the archive for Network Solutions. paid $1.3 million for about 100 eNom registrars

Deal was part of partnership to chase expired domain names. In April, NameJet and SnapNames announced a partnership to combine forces to go after pending delete domain names. NameJet is a 50/50 partnership between Rightside and, while SnapNames is 100% owned by As part of the partnership, Rightside sold its dropcatching registrar accreditations […]

Read more : One of the earliest cases of ICANN-reported domain theft

Domain theft is a crime. Stealing domains amounts to removing a valuable asset that belongs to someone else, and it’s no different than stealing a car, for example. For many years, domain names have been stolen, and overseer ICANN does not currently offer the type of domain ownership record, or title, made available to owners […]

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Network Solutions batches out months’ old domain transfer emails

A few days ago, Network Solutions sent out a number of emails related to domain transfer requests. At first, we thought there was some sort of malicious account compromise, or that the emails were part of a phishing campaign. The emails, however, were legitimate, but they were about domain transfers that occurred months prior. In […]

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Domainer Comics : Network Solutions getting the job done!

Domainer Comics is an open series designed to poke fun at facts, figures and other aspects of domain investing. If you missed the previous installments of the DomainGang Domainer Comics, check out “A penny saved is a penny earned“, or head over to the central repository. Faithful to our promise to create a new domain-related […]

Read more acquires dozens of registrars from Rightside has acquired dozens of registrars from rival/partner Rightside, seemingly to boost the success rate of its SnapNames domain drop-catching business. I’ve established that at least 44 registrars once managed by Rightside/eNom are now in the stable, and that might not even be the half of it. All of the registrars in question are […]

Read more Reported Stolen

There is a post on where the member is saying he purchased and it was stolen at Network Solutions. The message is very sloppy with a lot of spaces so reading the post may take a bit of time. Apparently was used for the transaction. The price looks to be $33,000. The […]

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Network Solution Is Stuffing .Design Domains Into Customers Accounts As “Brand Protection”

Network Solutions which stuffed .XYZ domain names into customers account for free, is at it again this time with the new gTLD .Design. Customers of Network Solutions are receiving notices that they are being given a free .Design domain, matching a domain name owned by the customer in a Network Solutions account, under the premise […]

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Verisign files opening brief in appeal against .XYZ

David v. Goliath battle continues in appeals court. Verisign has filed its opening brief (pdf) with the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit, in its dispute with new top level domain name company XYZ. In October 2015, a federal district judge dismissed Verisign’s lawsuit against the operator of the .xyz domain name. Verisign subsequently appealed. […]

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Verisign’s silly .xyz lawsuit thrown out

Verisign has had its false advertising lawsuit against the .xyz gTLD registry thrown out of court. this week won a summary judgement, ahead of a trial that was due to start next Monday. “By granting XYZ a victory on summary judgement, the court found that XYZ won the case as a matter of law […]

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Verisign v. XYZ set for jury trial next week

Verisign’s false advertising case about .xyz top level domain name is scheduled for jury trial next week. .Com registry Verisign is scheduled to present its case against .XYZ next week in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Virginia. Verisign filed a false advertising suit against .XYZ and its founder Daniel Negari in December. At the center […]

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