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December 11, 2018 09:09

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50 cent domains at Network Solutions? Not so fast

Promo offers cheap domains but they aren’t as inexpensive as they look. Network Solutions sent out a Cyber Monday special that looks tempting: Up to 5 .com, .net, .biz, .info or .org domains for only 50 cents each. The devil is in the very fine print: Domains transferred out prior to one year renewal will […]

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ICANN turns 20 today (or maybe not)

ICANN is expected to celebrate its 20th anniversary at its Barcelona meeting next month, but by some measures it has already had its birthday. If you ask Wikipedia, it asserts that ICANN was “created” on September 18, 1998, 20 years ago today. But that claim, which has been on Wikipedia since 2003, is unsourced and […]

Read more obtains ICANN accreditation — bad news for

Web site building tools provider has got itself an ICANN accreditation, potentially bad news for current partner The Nasdaq-listed, Israel-based company popped up on the official registrar list in the last day or so with the IANA ID 3817. That means it could before long start selling gTLD domains directly from the registries […]

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Oops: Network Solutions tells customers that their domain is now available

Aftermarket sales email worries customers because of wrong subject line. Domain name registrar Network Solutions mixed up an aftermarket promotion email blast, accidentally informing its customers that their domain name was available for purchase. It seems that someone used the wrong mail merge token in the subject line of the emails. The first errant message was […]

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Check your Network Solutions account if you have one

Namepros member Arca posted a disturbing story about their account at Network Solutions. Everyone should read the post below and check their account. I just logged into my Network Solutions account and discovered that my “primary payment option” has been changed. The credit card and personal information of another NetworkSolutions customer is now listed there. […]

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An #infosec consultant dealt with New Ventures to get his family #domain back

An information security consultant dealt with New Ventures Services Corp., the domain warehousing branch of Network Solutions, in order to regain control of his expired domain. Mark Burnett‘s family domain,, was registered in 1998 and over the course of several years he managed it along with several hundred other domains at Network Solutions. Eventually, he […]

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NY Supreme Court rejects domain name conversion claim

Court denies conversion claim because it says domain names are not property. New York Supreme Court tosses out domain name dispute. The Supreme Court of the State of New York has denied (pdf) a claim one of Michael Gleissner’s companies brought against Network Solutions. Gleissner’s company NextEngine Ventures LLC said it bought the domain name […]

Read more paid $1.3 million for about 100 eNom registrars

Deal was part of partnership to chase expired domain names. In April, NameJet and SnapNames announced a partnership to combine forces to go after pending delete domain names. NameJet is a 50/50 partnership between Rightside and, while SnapNames is 100% owned by As part of the partnership, Rightside sold its dropcatching registrar accreditations […]

Read more : One of the earliest cases of ICANN-reported domain theft

Domain theft is a crime. Stealing domains amounts to removing a valuable asset that belongs to someone else, and it’s no different than stealing a car, for example. For many years, domain names have been stolen, and overseer ICANN does not currently offer the type of domain ownership record, or title, made available to owners […]

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Network Solutions batches out months’ old domain transfer emails

A few days ago, Network Solutions sent out a number of emails related to domain transfer requests. At first, we thought there was some sort of malicious account compromise, or that the emails were part of a phishing campaign. The emails, however, were legitimate, but they were about domain transfers that occurred months prior. In […]

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