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August 24, 2019 19:12

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Best Christmas EVER: Amazon Shipped A Record 1 Billion Items– Watch How They Do It

Your Metro stop or bus route could soon be named after a corporate sponsor; In 2017, you have a choice that can break or make your brand – you can go deep or go broad; Brands Must Increase Certainty In Uneasy Times; Brands Tap Into Emotion for the 5 Most Engaging Facebook Posts of 2016; […]

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Billionaire Pays $500million For Two Paintings; New gTLD/DotBrand Report

South Korean chicken joint has to pay Louis Vuitton for using its name; The Anti-Aging Pill; The making of Elon Musk – How he’s becoming the most influential person in history; Yahoo’s former exec, who lost his job to Marissa Mayer, is now trying to buy the core business; Goldman Sachs’ profits and bonuses plunge; […]

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What’s In A Name? Everything — If It’s Yours! and.. Who Named The Pluto Crater Vader?

I always wondered who name the space geos? Are they named in English and other languages? Who’s in charge of space naming? Airbnb was rejected by seven investors who could have had 10 percent of the company; New Horizons Probe Focuses on Pluto’s Moon Charon … and Vader Crater? Hillary Clinton Plans To Campaign Against […]

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Is $100 Million Large Enough To Warrant the Renaming Of A Building?

Some think not The New Age of SEO: Why Your Approach Must Change; Moving 5 Domains to 1: An SEO Case Study; Four ways the cloud can help while you’re on vacation; Stealing Data From Computers Using Heat; How to Make Social Media and Branded Community Work Together; Tech Support for the Internet of Things and… […]

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Here’s What It’s Like To Be An Alcoholic; With Naming Rights, ‘Perpetuity’ Doesn’t Always Mean Forever

I Am Thankful For: The Death Of Hard Sales Tactics; How 3D Printing Could Aid Space Exploration; The Loneliest Genius; What Airbnb Gets About Culture that Uber Doesn’t; Thanks for Giving… Gratitude; 15 Types of Jerks in the Office;Thanksgiving roundup: YouTube URLs, Vine gets pushy and more; Should You Join David or Goliath after Graduating? […]

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