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April 6, 2020 20:31

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What was the best buy from NamesCon Live Auction?

Now that it’s been a week since the NamesCon live auction. Which buy did you think was the best buy? When the auction was going on and I was live tweeting it seemed many thought was a great buy. Someone today emailed me they missed the auction as they were out of town. They […]

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NamesCon Day Three In One Video

NamesCon 2020 may be over but I still have plenty of video content to share. I’m still in Austin spending time with some of the Bold Metrics team we have here in town along with some other friends that run startups here. It has been a blast but I’m definitely looking forward to heading back […]

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NamesCon 2020 was a hit but could be even better next year

Moving to Austin was a smart move, and next year could be even better. GoDaddy CEO Aman Bhutani talks at NamesCon NamesCon Global 2020 is in the books. The conference took place last Wednesday through Saturday in Austin, Texas. The move to Austin after many years in Las Vegas was a significant risk for NamesCon, […]

Read more sells for $800,000 to lead NamesCon Live Auction stole the show at NamesCon live auction. The name sold for $800,000. sold for $260,000. The two LL.coms did not meet reserve. 74 out of 136 lots sold. There were no new gtld sales but to be fair there were only a few in the auction. I was live tweeting and we had […]

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#Domain investors stranded at Las Vegas airport waiting for #NamesCon

A group of Finnish domainers are currently stranded in Las Vegas, looking for NamesCon 2020. The domain investors from Malaakinikki Turku in northern Finland, arrived on a special charter flight last night. After waiting for more than 3 hours at the McCarran International Airport with no InterNetX VIP limo arriving to pick them up, they […]

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Is the #Wuhan virus affecting travel plans to #NamesCon 2020?

The Wuhan virus has been causing international concern, ever since it was identified in Wuhan, China. Dealing with a brewing pandemic affects international travel, including flights, and other busy gatherings, including professional conferences. NamesCon 2020 is taking place between January 29 and February 1st, 2020, in Austin, Texas. The new locale is far away from […]

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NamesCon weather will be hit and miss

Most days will be nice, and Saturday will be beautiful. Weather in Austin during January can be hit or miss. Some days will be sunny and warm while other days will be cold with even a bit of freezing precipitation. Fortunately, it looks like this week’s weather will mostly be a hit for NamesCon, with […]

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NamesCon preview – DNW Podcast #270

Michael Cyger and Monte Cahn preview the action in Austin this week. This week the domain name industry will converge in Austin, Texas for NamesCon 2020. To preview the action, I talk to Michael Cyger of DNAcademy about which panels he’s attending. Then, I speak to Monte Cahn about the live domain name auction taking […]

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#Uniregistry sending its #domain brokerage team to #NamesCon 2020

Uniregistry will be attending NamesCon 2020, sending a team of domain brokers, account managers and sales people to the upcoming domain conference taking place in Austin, Texas. Note: Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. Here’s the announcement from Uniregistry: Join us at NamesCon 2020 – January 29 – Feb 1 in Austin, Texas The […]

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NamesCon publishes full agenda for debut Austin conference

NamesCon Global is coming up at the end of the month, and yesterday the organizers published the final agenda for the three-or-four day event, including a keynote by GoDaddy’s new CEO. Aman Bhutani, who took over the top job in September, will speak after lunch on day two of the conference, Thursday January 30, with […]

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