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November 22, 2017 01:42

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WHD.usa hopes domainers return to the Tropicana in September

WHD’s U.S. event will be held at the same location as NamesCon. Now that WorldHostingDays owns NamesCon (both are now owned by GoDaddy), the former is moving its U.S. show to the same venue as NamesCon. WHD.usa will take place September 11-12 at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas. It hopes to attract 1,000 attendees, […]

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It’s official: GoDaddy owns Host Europe Group

Company completed $1.8 billion acquisition of large European hosting and domain provider. GoDaddy has completed its $1.8 billion acquisition of Host Europe Group, giving it a massive presence in the European market. Host Europe Group owns 123 Reg, Heart Internet, Domain Factory, Host Europe, Paragon Group, Server4You and Serverloft. It also owns WorldHostingDays, which just […]

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NamesCon poll results : Domain investors don’t like wearing pants!

A NamesCon 2017 poll’s results about wearing pants while working from home is in; the stats are quite staggering. 78% of large .com portfolio holders don’t wear pants or other lower garments. 11% “free-ball” at least 5 days a week, quite possibly on the weekends too. 10% wear pants or shorts, or Capris, jeans, khakis […]

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Sync Media Network : Two great videos shot during NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas

Sync Media Network covers a variety of industry conferences across America, many of which take place in Las Vegas. According to their Facebook page’s statement: “We live cover all conventions and expo’s bringing you the absolute latest in (STEM) Science, Technology, Entertainment, Media. Sync Media Network is an award winning Online/TV Production Company based in […]

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The RightoftheDot Auction From Namescon Ends Today

The extended auction from the Namescon conference being run by RightoftheDot on Namejet ends in starting in just over 2 hours. Of the 350+ domain names in the auction as of publication 300 domain names have a current high bid of $3,500 or less. 200 domain names as of publication have a high bid of […]

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The group of premium domain names that are in the extended auction from the auction on now has a bid in excess of $2 Million dollars. The group of domain names is highlighted by In addition to the other domain names included in the lot being auctioned off are, […]

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Hakkasan, baby! Uniregistry party at NamesCon 2017 – photos and videos

Uniregistry hosted a fun, loud party at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, during NamesCon 2017. Just like last year, the music was loud and alcohol was flowing like the day Prohibition ended! Hundreds of domainers attending NamesCon, the biggest domain conference of the year, were at the club, although not everyone danced as crazy as some […]

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Monte Cahn interview with Edward Zeiden at NamesCon

Edward Zeiden from Namepros sat down with Monte Cahn at the 2016 NamesCon. Namepros did not get the 2016 interviews out until this year. It’s still worth hearing what the participants had to say in my opinion. Monte discussed his take on new gtlds, live auctions and the value of attending NamesCon. The post Monte […]

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Roland LaPlante and NamesCon recap – DNW Podcast #121

A recap from NamesCon plus Roland LaPlante of Afilias. This week I have a wide-ranging discussion with Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias. We discuss new top level domain names and why Afilias’ past experience with launching TLDs made its expectations for the current round more realistic. We also chat about increased competition for […]

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DNForum : Interview with the new owners, George Verdugo and Kevin Faler, at NamesCon 2017

During NamesCon 2017, we had the pleasure to meet with and interview the new owners of DNForum, George Verdugo and Kevin Faler. changed hands very recently, after its former owner, Adam Dicker, sold it along with an assortment of other assets for an undisclosed amount, retaining zero interest in the venture. Kevin and George […]

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