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November 18, 2018 17:11

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NameJet adjusting incremental bid amounts on pending delete names

NameJet sent out an email that they will be changing the incremental bid amounts on pending delete auctions.   Incremental Bid Announcement For Pending Delete Names Dear NameJet Customer, We are writing to announce a new opportunity for you to compete for the Pending Delete names you want on NameJet. Effective, October 17th, 2018, we […]

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#NameJet : Rare #domain name self-shreds after auction ends at $14,000 dollars

A rare .com domain was shred to pieces on Sunday afternoon, after a special NameJet auction. Promoted through several NameJet newsletters as the “world’s most rare .com domain,” the digital asset’s printout was cut to pieces using the NameJet office shredder. “We call this an artistic experimentation crossover, when digital art elegantly fuses with the […]

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NameJet sales in August up to $57,000

A slow month but some solid sales at NameJet. August is generally a slow month for domain sales, and that showed at NameJet. The company had 69 sales of $2,000 or more, totaling $339,000. Here are some of the sales that caught my attention: $57,000 – This non-expiry sale was obviously aided by the […]

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NameJet August sales led by

NameJet reported their August sales and led the way at $57,000. 69 sales in total, only 2 three letter.coms sold in August. Only 2 .org sales and 4 .net sales. $57,000.00 $32,200.00 $19,532.00 $9,100.00 $8,200.00 $7,027.00 $6,500.00 $6,201.00 $5,647.00 $5,610.00 $5,200.00 $5,101.00 […]

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10 Notable NameJet sales from March

How much more valuable is than 1000 times, apparently. NameJet sold 102 domain names last month for $2,000 or more for a total of $500,000. Here are ten of the sales that jumped out at me: $27,700 – A buyer might also want to pick up and, which are available […]

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NameJet March sales led by

NameJet reported their March sales and led the list at $31,000. came in second at $27,700. 102 sales 2 three sales 17 numeric sales 7 three character .com sales was the highest non com sale at $24,500 $31,000.00 $27,700.00 $24,500.00 $22,301.00 $20,200.00 $16,100.00 $12,600.00 […]

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10 notable NameJet sales from February 2018

Here are ten sales from last month that caught my attention. NameJet’s February sales include the NamesCon auction results, so the company posted nearly $3 million in sales of domain names over $2,000 for the month. Yes, that means ($1.2 million) and ($900,000) closed! Ignoring NamesCon, NameJet posted 59 sales of $2,000 or […]

Read more is officially a done deal at $1.2 million, becoming the highest sale in NameJet history

NameJet released their February sales including NamesCon results. becomes the largest sale in the history of NameJet at $1.2 million. came in second at $900,000 and was third at $69,000. Adam Strong looks to be the buyer of $1,200,000.00 NamesCon Live & Online Auction $900,000.00 NamesCon Live & […]

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#Samoa to be underwater in 2099 but its .WS #domains are safe

Samoa, the Pacific Island that uses the .WS ccTLD for its domains, faces an uncertain future. At the rate that global temperatures are rising, polar ice will be increasing the water levels, potentially covering most of the Pacific islands. By 2099, the world will be facing a lot of migration to higher ground, and even […]

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NamesCon live domain auction results and extended auction info

Auction grosses over $1.5 million; extended auction ends February 8. Right of the Dot held a live domain name auction at NamesCon last night in conjunction with NameJet. Compared to previous auctions, it seemed like the live auction hall stayed pack much longer than in previous years. The auction grossed over $1.5 million in sales. […]

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