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July 17, 2019 11:02

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Frank Schilling & The Robot : NameJet domain bidding explained!

Today we bring you an exclusive insider’s view of Frank Schilling‘s bidding processes on NameJet. One of the most popular domain aftermarket and auctioning platforms, NameJet attracts seasoned domain investors and end users alike. It is not a secret that like most domain entrepreneurs, Frank Schilling operates an active account on NameJet. Frank shares with […]

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Why I ate a bucket of Nutella while on NameJet

Using NameJet to sell domains is a nail-biting experience. Let me tell you, I wasn’t this nervous when as a teenager my best friend’s mom made me a man. Watching bids blink across the screen one after another, from NameJet giants such as “First” and “TwoTwo” made my stomach clench. As a domain investor, it’s […]

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Namejet Increasing Minimum Price on Pending Delete Domains To $69 from $39 Today

I just got an email from that effective sometime today their “promotional pricing” of $39 minimum on backorders on Pending Delete domain names is ending. The new minimum backorder for Pending Delete domains will now be $69. “This is being done as part of a broader initiative to increase our drop-catch efficacy and to […]

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Right Of The Dot Auction On NameJet Starts Closing Monday (ROTD) themed auction of domain names that were in the Namescon auction but went unsold, start to close out tomorrow afternoon, Monday March 14th All the auctions are public, meaning you didn’t/don’t have ot pre-order the domains to bid on them. You can join the auction on any given domain, anytime before an auction […]

Read more Reports Almost $2.8 Million In Sales For February 2016 has posted its February 2016 sales data . In all sold 287 domain names for $2k and above for a total of $2,787,626. To be included in the report the domain must have sold for $2,000 or more and have been paid and closed before the end of the month. Some of the […]

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.Ski Registry Removes All Reserves From The ROTD/Namescon Auction

The .Ski registry, which has some great one letter domain names like an and some natural hacks like and has removed all reserve prices from the domain names being auctioned in the domain auction being held at Namescon. All the domain names are now available for bidding in auction at […]

Read more Has Record Breaking Month Reporting Almost $3 Million In Sales reported its sales for December 2015, selling 383 sales at $2k and above for a total of $2,964,861, nearly double their previous record breaking month of November, 2015. Namejet only reports on sales of $2,000 or more. 23 of the top 40 domain names were for three letter .com ( domains, of the remaining […]

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Reserve Dropped On 8 Domains In The ROTD Auction: All Have Bids, Which Are Now The High Bid

We have more news on the auction being held a week from today at Namescon at 2PM PST. An owner of 8 domain names in the auction, all of which already have bids in pre-bidding at has removed the reserve price. By removing the reserve prices, the domains are being offered at NO […]

Read more;; Added At No Reserve To ROTD/Namescon Auction

Some amazing domain names were added to the domain auction being held at Namescon late last week all at NO Reserve by, including one that has an Estibot value of over $5 Million Dollars. That domain name is, one of the premier “adult” domains but which is one of those adult words […]

Read more Reports $1.56 Million In Domain Sales In November just issued its sales report for November reporting $1,561,991.00 in domain names sold. only report sales of $2,000 or more and for which payment was made by the end of  the month. The top 16 sales had 4 characters or less:   Domain Name Payment Amount $205,001.00 $78,077.00 $71,509.00 […]

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