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August 22, 2019 04:44

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Video: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals @ NamesCon

Watch the full session of NamesCon’s Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals session, and learn a number of perspectives from domain industry professional of how to accurately appraise and evaluate domain names to sell or purchase.   The post Video: Mastering Aftermarket Appraisals @ NamesCon appeared first on

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Namescon/RightoftheDot Auction is One Week From Today: Here Are Some Of The Most Interesting Domains

The live RightoftheDot domain name auction at Namescon will take place one week from today on January 23rd starting at 3pm PST. I would urge everyone in the domain industry or looking to get in to attend.  I will be at the conference as well. As for the auction, Remote bidding will be available on […]

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Rightside Adds Short New gTLD’s With Normal Renewals To ROTD/Namescon Auction

Rightside® (Nasdaq:NAME), today announced that it will be participating in the domain name auction as part of the Namescon conference that will be held next Monday, January 11th at 2PM EST. All domain names carry a normal renewal fee for the relevant extension, None carry a premium renewal fee. In keeping with the recent […]

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1st Time? Frank Schilling Has 11 .Com’s At No Reserve In The Namescon Auction

Frank Schilling has 11 .Com domain names from his personal inventory up for auction at no reserve, at the domain auction being held at NamesCon on January 11th. Pre-bidding is open for these domain names at Namejet. Over the years I’m not sure if Frank has ever put up any of his privately owned […]

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Two More 2 Letter .Com Added To Namescon Auction; Now Have 12 Three Letter .Com’s

Two more 2 letter .com’s are now live for pre-bidding on and now join in the Live and online domain name auction that is holding as from the Namescon conference on January 11, 2016. already has a bid of over $1.5 Million in pre-bidding at Namejet. In addition to […]

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Uniregistry Put Premium New gTLD’s Domains In Auction @ No Reserve

Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry has put many premium new gTLD’s, at no reserve, in the domain name auction at Namescon. Unlike many new gTLD’s, all of these domain names have normal renewal fees. None of these domain names have been offered to the pubic before and include single letter and numbered domains like 8.Link,, […]

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.Club Breaks 420,000 Registrations Adding 100K In Two Weeks

The new gTLD .Club has broken through the 400,000 registration mark. Colin Campbell co-founder of .Club announced on Twitter yesterday that all domain names were all registered just 2 weeks after all domain names sold out. Those registrations helped move .club to over 420,000 registrations according to, which is 100,000 new domain […]

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On Thursday we told you that the domain name was added to the RightoftheDot domain name auction being held as part of the NamesCon Conference on January 11th 2016, for which pre-bidding is now opened on There is now a qualified $1.5 Million dollar bid on the domain name which of course […]

Read more Added To ROTD/ NamesCon Auction As Submissions Closes Tomorrow

The two letter domain name is one of several new domain names that were added to the RightoftheDot/Namescon auction yesterday, which is opened for pre-bidding on As of publication there are now 147 domain names at for pre-bidding. 89 domain names have at least one bid and there are 531 total bids […]

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RightoftheDot/ 4.CN Auction Sells Over $871K in Domains

The domain name auction on the platform as part of the conference generated over $871,000 in sales. All sales were led by a three number .com, which sold for $416,000 The two next highest sales, and were both listed at no reserve. Several of the domain name sales occurred, […]

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