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December 11, 2018 03:08

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Gerund #domains : List of public sales ending in “ING” for $100,000 dollars and up

Domain broker, Kate Buckley, announced the sale of two gerund domains, and, for over $500,000 dollars each. Such gerund domains, keywords that end in “ing,” can be very profitable, and such sales that have been made public reach seven figures. Using historical data from NameBio, we’ve compiled the full list of such domains: […]

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.Top shares over $3million in sales data with Namebio

I saw a tweet from Namebio tonight that .top shared over $3million in sales data. I have not had a chance to go through it all yet. Apparently sold last week for $4,818. sold for $12,567 back on May 7, 2018. Special thanks to Vivian Sun from the .TOP registry for sending us […]

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#Screenshots .com no longer free; #NameBio goes down unexpectedly

It was truly great while it lasted:, the domain screenshot repository operated by DomainTools, is no longer free for all. The service went behind the DomainTools paywall yesterday, and although the issue ended there for its users, it also claimed a temporary victim. NameBio, the popular web site that reports on domain sales, went […]

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Nearly 650 Emoji Domains Expiring in Next 7 Days

It’s been a very exciting week for emoji domains with Vice News releasing Page Howe’s emoji domain interview. In addition, expiring emoji domain auctions are picking up steam in the last week or so, garnering greater visibility and activity at GoDaddy and NameJet auction platforms. Over 1,200 emoji domains made an expiring auction appearance in […]

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Namebio giving away cash and prizes just for playing a game

Namebio is giving everyone a chance to win cash and prizes just by playing their Domain Game. Michael Sumner has done a really good job with the app in my opinion. Now players can win the following prizes: Launched in the Spring of 2016, The Domain Game is closing in on a major milestone… ONE […]

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Win “The Domain Game” : Review and how to vastly improve your score!

Domain investor and NameBio CTO, Michael Sumner, developed a nice little game that most domainers should love. The Domain Game was developed last year for the iOS, and it just made its way to Android! Finally! 😀 The concept is deceivingly simple: guess the price that a domain was sold for, from four different ranges, […]

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Leonardo da Vinci : Italian painter’s descendant pays Adam Strong a visit over domain name

A old, bearded man knocked on the door of domain investor, Adam Strong, this past Tuesday, his balding head barely covered in long, grey hair. Initially, Adam thought the man was a poor beggar and was getting ready to give him some money, when the man interrupted him abruptly. “I don’t want your money, I […]

Read more Unveils Enhanced Website, Passes $1 Billion in Historic Domain Name Sales

  If you’ve been in this industry for more than a few months then you know Adam Strong, Domain Agents,  and Namebio.  Namebio was one of the first and largest historic domain name sales database on the Internet. It is the database of which all historic name sales databases are built on whether admittedly or […]

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New NameBio database: 245,000 domain sales totaling $1.12 billion dollars!

NameBio, the domain sales research tool, has launched a redesigned web site, greatly improving on its search features. Adam Strong, owner and president of Strong, Inc., stated that users will experience an enhanced mobile web site, accuracy in comparable sales details, and more than twice the number of new domain sales added on daily […]

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