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November 17, 2019 12:25

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NYC Strippers Strike; Still Don’t Get Bitcoin? Here’s an Explanation For Five-Year-Olds

Bitcoin: The World’s Most Dramatic Bubble Ever? or.. Why Be Kind in a Cruel World; Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin To Pass $7,900; Facebook Just Made a Move That’s Terrifying for Brands–and a Real Loss for Users; The internet name many banks are afraid to use; Social-Media App Is Acquired for as Much as $1 Billion; […]

Read more : Billion dollar business sale running on a Libyan domain, a video social app popular with the youth, has been sold for approximately $1 billion dollars. The app has been boasting 60 million monthly users, mostly teenagers that enjoy lip-sinching to popular songs. Founded in Shanghai 3 years ago, is being acquired by Chinese tech giant Bytedance. The company also has a live-streaming […]

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