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September 18, 2019 07:03

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ICANN eat well : Where is the budget money going

With strong budgets allocated to the success of the multi-stake holder model, ICANN officials made healthy earnings in 2016. To ensure transparency and honest disclosure of numbers related to budgets and wages, such financial statements and usage are released to the public. “Trips around the world are costly, and managers, whether middle or higher up […]

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ICANN 65 in Mexico City has been canceled

ICANN has canceled its ICANN65 meeting in Mexico City, Mexico, after a wall to be constructed across the border with the US inched closer to materializing. “The Mexican government has had enough with the Trump tirades about how Mexicans are ‘rapists’ and drug smugglers and need to be kept to the south of the border […]

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ICANN 56 on Brexit : Multi-steakeholder model must go on

ICANN technocrats moved in fast on Monday, to prevent any further manifestation of a domino effect caused by Brexit, from Helsinki, Finland where ICANN56 takes place. The TLD and gTLD global managers announced their commitment to the multi-steakeholder model, regardless of Britain’s decision to depart from the organization. “We remain committed to the global provisions […]

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ICANN51 update: New Multi-Steakholder model fully approved

Months of hard work between committee and subcommittee members of the ICANN at large teams have come to fruition at ICANN51 in Los Angeles. The much acclaimed “Multi-Steakholder Model” is now officially approved, by the ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé, who playfully posed with the resulting study’s brochure: “This is a moment of triumph, a moment […]

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What in the world is Fadi cooking?

Just like the ‘Big Bang’ theory, the Internet is expanding, not contracting. Despite the negative approach of various naysayers, the number of brick and mortar businesses that go online is experiencing a tremendous rapid growth. So what does Fadi have to say about all that, and what in the world is he cooking? Nothing but […]

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