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September 18, 2019 07:37

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Monday: Everything We Expect From Apple’s Biggest Event; Bitcoin Could Hit $10,000 Amid 7 Network Effects Driving Growth

Dream big Apple. Push 10 times harder. Make the impossible happen. Things need to change in 2017 plus… Why this domain expert has stopped talking about domain names; How to Build a Business That’s Ripe for Acquisition; These 5 Smart Headline Tips Will Make Readers Click, Like, and Share Your Content; Movies Are Naming More Names; Throwback […]

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Lalaland : Lions Gate Entertainment owns a crazy number of .Movie domains

The brave new world of gTLDs has allowed many businesses to expand beyond the aged, mundane and dated .COM. Every industry-specific gTLD allows businesses and individuals to directly tap into the respective market that matches the gTLD. Take dot .Movie for example, a new gTLD operated by Donuts, Inc. A recent movie trailer for the […]

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Weekend Musings + My Thoughts On The 2015 Oscars

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to my weekend musings. This Sunday is a special one, tonight is The Oscars (formerly known as The Academy Awards), a day where actors, directors, producers, writers, and all the other incredibly creative people that are part of the filmmaking experience are celebrated. This year we are the most behind on […]

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Hollywood Dropping Domains In Mass

Big Hollywood finally accepted defeat in the never ending bid to get ahead of speculators to acquire Exact Match Domains for their titles. Just go to your local movie theater and watch the coming attractions. Many show no domain at all. It’s all Hashtags, especially when going for the lucrative younger demo. To understand this […]

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Hollywood Mogul Took Yahoo To The Dump and $450 Million To The Bank

“Everything of importance has been seen by someone who didn’t discover it,” said Einstein ….. …. which explains how former Yahoo CEO and x-Warner Brothers Hollywood Mogul of 24 years, Terry Semel, never saw the obvious that was hiding in plain sight. Nor was he any poorer for leading the company into the ditch: “In […]

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3-D Movies Fail; Stocks Plunge

While 3-D Printing is a big hit, not the same for 3-D movies. Alfonso Cuaron is receiving universal praise for the 3-D visual effects seen in “Gravity,” but that isn’t stopping him from lambasting the technological craze at large. During a press conference at the Zurich Film Festival, where “Gravity” will screen on Monday, the […]

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