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November 21, 2019 08:44

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.baby and .mls fetch over $3 million each

ICANN and Power Auctions have completed December’s mini-batch of “last resort” new gTLD auctions, adding a total of $6.4 million to its mysterious auction cash pile. Johnson & Johnson won .baby, fighting off five portfolio applicants and paying a winning bid of $3,088,888. Meanwhile, the Canadian Real Estate Association beat Afilias to .mls, paying $3,359,000. […]

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Hotly contested gTLDs up for auction tomorrow

ICANN’s fifth set of last-resort new gTLD auctions is set for tomorrow and it’s another small batch. Just two contention sets — .baby and .mls — are set to be resolved, with ICANN stashing the winning bids into its special fund. .baby is hotly contested with no fewer than six applicants — five portfolio applicants […]

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Community gTLD applicants flunk on “nexus”

The first four Community Priority Evaluation results are in, and all four applicants flunked by failing to prove a “nexus” between the new gTLD string and the community they purport to represent. No applicant score more than 11 points of the 14 necessary to pass. A total of 16 points are available. Winning a CPE […]

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