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August 25, 2019 03:35

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MannQuotes – Chapter X : Mann against the machine

Mike Mann’s conventional and professional wisdom has been immortalized in a series of MannQuotes; we started the series in 2013 for that very purpose. Sharing Mike Mann’s entrepreneurial and often, very personal statements, is an educating and entertaining anthology worth reading. After all, it’s not just Mike’s business acumen that stands out, or his trademark […]

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MannQuotes – Chapter IX: The Money-making machine Mann

When we started the MannQuotes list more than a year ago, little did we know that it’d be such an ever-giving source of wisdom about domains, entrepreneurship, and life in general. Domain investor, Mike Mann, not only possesses some unique business skills – he actually shares his modus operandi with the public, on a regular […]

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MannQuotes – Chapter VIII: The Magnificent Mike Mann

It’s been a full year since the last chapter of ‘MannQuotes‘ – tidbits of conventional wisdom from domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann. Mike’s recent sale of for $40,000 dollars, a domain he paid less than $1,000 on, shows that Mike possesses a magnificent instinct. When three-word domains produce such a great ROI, there’s a secret […]

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