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November 20, 2019 18:09

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Rival dot-brand bidders in settlement talks, seek auction delay

Two companies called Merck have managed to delay an ICANN auction for the .merck dot-brand top-level domain. The two companies applied for .merck in 2012 and have spent the last almost eight years conducting a battle for the string using various ICANN conflict and appeals mechanisms. Earlier this year, ICANN placed the two applications into […]

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.music and .gay CPE probe could end this month

An ICANN-commissioned investigation into the fairness of its Community Priority Evaluation process for new gTLDs could wind up before the end of June. In an update Friday, ICANN also finally revealed who is actually conducting the probe, which has been slammed by affected applicants for being secretive. A tentative timeline sketched out in the update […]

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.gay, .music and others in limbo as ICANN probes itself

Several new gTLD applicants have slammed ICANN for conducting an investigation into its own controversial practices that seems to be as opaque as the practices themselves. Seven proposed new gTLDs, including the much-anticipated .music and .gay, are currently trapped in ICANN red tape hell as the organization conducts a secretive probe into how its own […]

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Squabbling drug peddlers drag .pharmacy into brand bunfight

The .pharmacy new gTLD has been dragged into the ongoing trademark dispute between two pharmaceuticals giants called Merck. Germany-based Merck KGaA has accused the .pharmacy registry of operating an unfair and “secretive” process to resolve competing sunrise period applications. The domain was awarded to US rival Merck & Co, which was spun off from […]

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Centuries-old companies both fail community gTLD test

Two companies called Merck have separately failed ICANN Community Priority Evaluations, meaning the new gTLD .merck could be the first dot-brand to head to ICANN auction. Merck KGaA applied for .merck for the Merck Group, a German chemicals company founded — staggeringly — in 1668, the same year Newton built the world’s first reflecting telescope. […]

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Drug Giant Merck Buys Had a BIN Price of $19K

The drug giant Merck just bought the domain name The domain name was listed in with a Buy It Now price of $19,000. The domain was owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration according to the whois as recently as May 2015, when it switched over to privacy in August. The domain had an […]

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