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July 17, 2019 10:21

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Amazon is up to Pure Mischief

Today: Artificial Intelligence, Investing, Amazon, Healthcare, Improving Google Search, Machine learning What Artificial Intelligence Predicts for Stocks Machine learning boosts Swiss startup’s shot at human-powered land speed record Report: The U.S. is unprepared for the AI future 12 Google Search Operators to Improve Your Competitive Advantage

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One of the best lists of AI and ML resources I’ve seen, all in one place

So as many of you know, just about every waking hour I spend building AI and ML technologies at Bold Metrics. Our mission is to change the way products are personalized for people and what we’re doing probably wasn’t possible ten years ago, and I think ten years from now people won’t know how they […]

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Humanity and AI will be inseparable, says CMU’s Head of Machine Learning; Startups – Failure is the New Normal

This dot-com king has bought and sold some popular domain names, but now he’s on a different kind of mission; How to Outsmart the Snake in Your Office; Do companies need to start thinking about a Chief Video Officer? How Asking “What If?” Will Lead Us to Tomorrow’s Innovations; Black Friday is dying a slow […]

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Do You Play The Name Game? The Internet That Never Was

Magic — It Can Come From Anywhere; World’s first solar airport takes off in southern India; Apple TV Pushes Apps Forward, But TV Is Leaning Back; U.S. car sales have never been stronger ; How To Start Investing In Content Marketing For Small Business; Etsy Struggles To Remain Cosy And Local; Day One at HP […]

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Fashion Metric Featured in Dataconomy

I couldn’t think of a more exciting way to start a Friday than seeing Fashion Metric featured in one of the top big data publications in the world, Dataconomy. In the article titled, The Data-Driven Future Of Fashion Daina talks about the intersection of technology and fashion and how Fashion Metric is using mathematical algorithms, machine learning, and […]

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