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October 22, 2019 23:39

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Lendvo enters Domain Name Financing business

Company offers capital to owners of domain names and online businesses. A new company has entered the domain name lending space, offering loans to domain name owners and digital businesses. Lendvo was founded by Patrick Izzo and Ben Lichtman, nephew of the late Igal Lichtman (Mrs Jello). The company has a number of creative financing […]

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Blackstone’s B2R Holdings Rebrands As

B2R Holdings, a portfolio company of a Blackstone Group (LPBX ) , announced today that B2R rebranded itself as and said it hoped to extend $10 billion in loans over the next three years. According to Jason Hogg, the  CEO of, expects to help facilitate $10 billion in loans in the next three […]

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Cocaine Ponzi Schemes And Tax Prep; Heiress Stash Goes on Block; Inside the Secretive Amazon Phone Lab

Do you need money? Francois has a solution! Beware This Corporate Guilt Trip: “You’re Not a Team Player.”; Up, Up and Away – Google Launches Project Loon Balloons (hope they’re not seeding clouds too); Popeyes Buys Its Recipes for $43 Million. ;  and an unbelievable tale of $70 million guitars found in closets… Eccentric Heiress’ […]

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Donuts officially richer than God after winning three new gTLD auctions

Donuts has a clear path to being awarded the .church, .life and .loans new gTLDs, following a private auction managed by Innovative Auctions this week. Life Covenant Church and have already withdrawn their applications for .church and .life respectively, and others are expected to follow soon. Life Covenant Church, which does business at, […]

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