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November 20, 2019 04:12

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Is the LLL .com market losing its steam?

In recent weeks, the LLL .com market shows signs of losing steam. One of the longest category of “coin” domains that retain liquidity, three letter .com domains witnessed a huge increase in valuation over the years. In the early 2000’s one could get random letter LLL .com domains for prices ranging between $1,000 and $3,000. […]

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Chinese domain market report : Selling ice to the Eskimo won’t work in China

There’s a reason why the old saying, “selling ice to the Eskimo” still holds plenty of cold water. Domain investors selling to each-other, especially when it’s a trade between buddies promoting auctions, can only get one that much money. The market gets saturated with the product and prices drop – simple as that. Gone are […]

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Sedo Great Domains auction : has been sold

The Sedo Great Domains auction for April is over, and has been sold to the highest bidder. The auction for attracted 12 bids from 5 bidders, with the winner forking out $30,999 dollars for the domain. was registered in 1996, making it a 21 year old, three-letter .com domain. Considering that W, […]

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Something is going on with, a three letter domain that was in the hands of Associated Recovery LLC until recently. In July 2016, we covered the status of several premium domains that became involved in a complex lawsuit; was on that list. The current status of, which has been with Uniregistry since […]

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Where do you see prices going ?

There has been discussion on Namepros and on social media about where the prices of are going. One of the best performing and most liquid of all the domain name categories. So far in 2017, Namebio has recorded 34 three letter .com sales. 2 sales have eclipsed six figures, sold by BQDN and […]

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Ragazzo Greciano : “Many LLL .com domain are a-wortha zero”

In what appears to be shocking news to many hard-working domain investors, a new industry analysis is ruffling many a feather. Ragazzo Greciano, established domain analyst from Napoli, Italy, published a report on the current value of LLL .com domains. In a nutshell, they are worthless. “I calculate, the price for Chinese buyer, and extrapolate […]

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HAA! It’s the sound Killer Klowns make in the darkest, most ominous parts of the forest. HAA! Another “eureka” moment when you find a long tail domain that wasn’t registered by Mike Mann already. HAA! Triumphantly beating your younger brother or sister in a game of Monopoly, while acting as the Bank. HAA! Riding a […]

Read more domain UDRP lost, amidst domain theft allegations

The domain has been challenged in a UDRP, by its former owners, who allege that it was stolen. The WIPO case was decided in Chinese, as both the Complainant and the Respondent are in China. The Complainant alleges that the domain was stolen from its possession around August 2013, and currently operates from […]

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Pakistani domainer seeks $22 million dollars “to retire as a farmer”

A Pakistani domain investor is seeking a portfolio sale to the tune of $22 million dollars. The domain portfolio consists of many LLL .com domains, generic .com domains and some two word .com compounds. Among the three letter .com listed for sale, are gems such as and According to the email, he’s seeking […]

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Here’s how many three-letter .coms are used by end users

In this guest article, Michael Robini analyzes how many three letter .coms are used by end users. What percentage of domains are really used by end users? 1 – Answer We chose to give an answer for each domains category (defined below in the article): Pure Chinese premium: 34.6% Pure Western premium: 59.6% Both […]

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