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November 12, 2019 10:53

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LLL #domain : Auction of RXJ .com ended at #DropCatch at expected price range

The auction of ended moments ago at DropCatch, and the newest three letter .com domain on the planet will soon have a new owner. After a whopping 232 bids from 69 bidders, the auction of, a three letter domain consisting of perfectly “Chinese premium” letters, ended at $25,715 dollars. The high bidder was […]

Read more : Former Worldwide Media asset sends LLL .com prices lower

The average price of LLL .com domains sustained another hit on July 4th, when, a domain formerly owned by Mike Berkens of Worldwide Media, sold for only $14,000 dollars. was auctioned off at NameJet, and it’s part of the large portfolio sale by Worldwide Media to GoDaddy and its NameFind subsidiary. It’s not […]

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Three letter .com domains drop below $20,000 dollars

Happy 4th of July. Three letter .com domains, long considered the de facto coinage among domain investors, have dropped below the psychological limit of $20,000 dollars. Recent sales confirm a trend we already observed, as domain investors switch to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to re-invest their gains. Auctions of such domains as ($18,000 dollars) […]

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Nom, nom, nom : Sedo sells for high five figures USD

NOM is a common three letter acronym, and the premium letter domain was just sold by Sedo. Dave Evanson, senior domain broker at Sedo, announced the sale of this LLL .com earlier today: “Just sold NOM(.)com for $86,500!! Congrats to buyer and seller!!” Selling for high five figures is indeed an impressive feat; […]

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Warning : is NOT for sale; someone is impersonating the owner

The domain is not for sale, yet someone who claims to be the owner is seeking a broker to sell it on their behalf. Valuable three letter domains can fetch a high premium for brokers; using a third party to broker a domain that belongs to someone else can get domain brokers in very […]

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Chinese domain market report : Final stretch before the Year of the Rooster

The Chinese domain market is witnessing its final stretch before the end of 2016. With poor results throughout most of the year, and disappointing sales volume, the current jump in sales is an anomaly that engages domain investors desperate to sell. Flipping short domains, between 2 to 4 characters in length, among the Chinese, has […]

Read more : One of only 125 VVV .com domains sold for five figures

Did you know that there are only 125 three letter .com domains, comprising of only vowels? Well now you do. The full Latin vowel set contains the letters A, E, I, O, U. Letter ‘Y’ can be excluded, as it’s often both a vowel and a consonant – it’s a semivowel. is one of […]

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Chinese domain market sales : It was good while it lasted …

Looking back a couple of months ago, it seems that the Year of the Domain Monkey hasn’t started on a happy foot. After a week of partying and jubilation, everyone sat tight waiting for the giddy, gay days of last year to arrive, but alas, they did not. Shrinkage in volume and sales among the […]

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Chinese domain sales : Numbers, numbers, numbers FTW!

Rick Schwartz’s mega-sale of the domain,, shows the importance of numeric .com domains in today’s expanded market. Apparently, the Domain King received more than a quarter of a million dollars for this domain. Rick’s portfolio of numeric domains is quite impressive, and he should be getting the attention of Chinese domain investors non-stop. But […]

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Chinese domain sales : The market respects LLL .com domains

The Chinese economy has been on a roller coaster ride for the first two weeks of 2016. Fears of a bear market have generated ample amount of nervousness among investors, and there is uncertainty ahead. Chinese domain investors are driven by the nuances of their trading circles, and that’s reflected in the daily jumps or […]

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