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February 20, 2020 21:34

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Kassey Lee of #DNW : Why I didn’t buy the #domain

Kassey Lee is rolling out numerous juicy articles about China’s obsession with domain names, using DNW. The multilingual domain expert whose initials are “KL” explains why he didn’t spend the cash to get, a premium two letter domain like the ones he writes about. “When I write articles about domains, this doesn’t mean I […]

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The cultural reason 2 letter domains are valuable in China

Kassey Lee explains why two-letter domain names aren’t valuable in China just because they are rare. Recently a domain investor asked me if ST has any meaning in Chinese. That got me thinking about 2L (letter-letter) domains in general. In fact, 2L domains are very valuable not only because they are scarce, but also, in […]

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#Guta raided Namefind : #GoDaddy inventory has lost 4 LL .com #domains

GoDaddy is known for holding onto its own corporate inventory of premium domains. These domain names were acquired from third parties in large portfolio acquisitions. GoDaddy keeps everything under the Namefind umbrella. This inventory has now “lost” four two letter .com domains, also known as “LL com” domain names. According to domain investor, George Kirikos, […]

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Premium #domain has – finally – been sold, a premium two letter .com domain, has been sold by its owner. The sale has been brokered by, on behalf of a Chinese client, as the domain’s WHOIS shows. According to our sources, the domain owner’s asking price of $1.2 million dollars was not met; the sale closed at below $500,000 dollars. Prices […]

Read more : Premium two letter .com #domain moves to #Chinese ownership, an aged, premium, two letter .com domain has changed ownership, and the new registrant is in China. Domain investor, George Kirikos, shared the news as he’s closely monitoring such premium domain names: “Another elite 2-letter dot-com domain name has changed hands, as VM(.)com heads to China (where else?).” Kirikos also shared updated stats about […]

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Shorter isn’t better: Weight Watchers sees revenue fall after switch to WW .com #domain name

Weight Watchers rebranded itself as “WW” last October, just three months after acquiring the premium two letter domain name, Switching to shorter names can be a benefit for businesses, particularly in China. In the case of Weight Watchers, this domain rebranding actually hurt revenue. According to a new report published by The Financial Times, […]

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Was the two letter #domain IX .com just sold?

Canadian domain investor and sleuth, George Kirikos, is keeping an eye on a niche of ultra-valuable domains: two letter (LL) .coms. Sometimes, it takes as little of a change as the domain’s status becoming “unlocked,” to indicate an ongoing sale. In the case of, a premium domain owned by Media Options, Kirikos noticed just […]

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Two letter domain EM .com : #Sedo says it might end up in #China

Premium two letter .com domains can break out of six figures, and into seven figure territory. Even in a depressed domain market, LL .com domains retain most of their valuation, thanks to the insatiable appetite demonstrated by Chinese investors and companies. Sedo announced that the domain is now under exclusive brokerage, as senior domain […]

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The ultra-premium, two letter domain has been sold, and the transaction took place via the Concierge service. Registered in 1990, was in the hands of Chinese domain investors for several years, and it was brokered for sale, according to this capture via DomainTools: The new owners are located in Hong Kong, and […]

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Buckley Media Group brokers two letter #domain

Buckley Media Group, the domain brokerage business of Kate Buckley, has listed on its exclusive domain inventory. Registered in 1996, the premium two letter domain is part of an elite group of only 676 combinations. The letter ‘Q’ is definitely appreciated by the Chinese. Kate Buckley announced the availability of yesterday: “ now […]

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