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August 25, 2019 02:37

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Larry Page’s Man Cave In Secret Startup; Can Apple save Siri?

Shoppers Now Make the Majority of Their Purchases Online; Even Those Sending Spam Don’t Understand the New gTLDs; Facebook Now Supports 360-Degree Photos;’IPO-Ready’ IronSource Waits for More Favorable Markets; Salesforce to Invest $50 Million in Startups, Launch Incubator; This is what a Magic Leap VR headset probably looks like; Snapchat Says More Than Two-Thirds of […]

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Tesla Could Be Bigger Than Google; Cybersecurity Startups Set For Surge

Apple’s new carrot for developers; Why idiots love their office but hate their website; How To Double Your Marketing ROI With Video; These foolproof tips from LinkedIn will help you land your dream job; Why brand guru Daymond John’s work is never done; Before Hiring an eCommerce Development Partner, Critically Evaluate Their 3 P’s; Millennials […]

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ABC to XYZ : When Larry called Negari

Daniel Negari scrolled through his emails, finishing off the last bits of a crunchy chicken salad with balsamic vinegar and croutons. Twenty five notifications about XYZ domains becoming active web sites, a couple of emails from Paul Stahura, five spam promos that somehow escaped the strict .XYZ filters – all this work and it wasn’t […]

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ABC.XYZ domain applicant shares his distrust for the .XYZ gTLD

Last year, when dot .XYZ was taking pre-registration applications, domain investor Paul Smith applied for the domain ABC.XYZ. According to Smith, it was the only .XYZ he wanted, for the same reason Google bought it: it’s a domain hack, indicating the beginning and the end of the Latin alphabet. Despite getting an email that ABC.XYZ […]

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Bus company pulls topless ‘ride me’ adverts after outcry; Switch from generic domains to direct response TV marketing paid off

How Periscope, Meerkat, And Snapchat Will Change How TV Covers News, Sports; New Relic shares pop 7% after earnings; Google has a secret apartment in which Larry Page and Elon Musk meet to discuss top-secret creative projects; The Taxi Industry Is in Total Collapse; What Tesla and Apple Both Know About Entering New Markets; Bitcoin […]

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Lavish Camps, Billionaires, A/C and Power Players Like Serge, Musk and Zuk Have Crowd at Burning Man Burning Mad

Lavish Camps, Billionaires, A/C and Power Players Like Serge, Musk and Zuk Have Crowd at Burning Man Burning Mad Private jet arrivals, Gourmet chefs. Air conditioned dwellings and “sherpas.” The Google guys may help fund this annual extravaganza, but money is not welcome after that! Burning Man, the annual gathering of hippies and free spirits […]

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